The Four of the North

Heroes of Anéginnis

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Asíos is the lieutenant of the Four of the North, appointed from the Anéginnis military to run the group. He is the most experienced, a fully trained Ace Resonator.
Haken is the second member of the group, known for begrudingly joining and feeling no attachment. Though unaware, he is the most vital member of the team as a Vibril.
Val is the third member of the group, being the second to Asíos and finding distaste in Haken and, on ocassion, Imery. She is the weakest despite being a Vity Resonator.
Imery is the most bubbly and optimistic of the group, acting as a cohesive element. Reflective of her light personality, she is studying The Core of Light.
Organization Type
Military, Resonator Group
Member Orientation
Resonator training
Founding Date
The Fourth of the North's founding was first set in place following the second Venix war, Podosía Triók sending out 4 of the most loyal operatives in her control to find the most powerful Resonators
The Four of the North were founded in order to protect Anéginnis, and the rest of the world, from Chaén Triók
Podosía Triók
Asíos Stratós


The Founding of the Four of the North began in 1.1.3699
The first agent was Eritís Meseti; heading to the East, she joined in with the Kamidi Tribes discovering a boy, whom she later adopted, with the power to change the orbit of Aesontis. Though she was killed upon the collection of her charge, she is listed first because she discovered the most powerful of the four.   Polimestís Istós is the second agent, discovering the second most powerful of the Resonators. Not leaving Anéginnis immediatly, having heard rumors of a young boy with special powers, he searched and recruited a young Asíos Stratós to the military.   Discovering Imery Denici, the fourth agent was Opan Rotín; heading West, Opan eventually arrived in Ilkada where she found a seven year-old who turned the sky to ash when throwing temper-tantrums.   The final agent was Ekasimés Menó; discovering Valiskós Pángelmati after ten years of wondering, he setting himself up as a distant uncle. For the following five years, he watched over Val, who had begun to show signs of being a Vibril.


Eritís Triók
by Art Breeder
Discovered Haken
Polimestís Istós
by Art Breeder
Discovered Asíos
Opan Rotín
by Art Breeder
Discovered Imery
Ekasimés Menó
by Art Breeder
Discovered Valiskós
  4 agents hired by Podosía Triók in order to find the four most powerful Resonators alive; all four of whom happened to be young children at the time of the assignment in 3699. Separating away from Anéginnis, each heading out discovering a young prodigy, capable of feats beyond that of normal Vibril.  
I sent out my friends, the people I trusted more than anyone else in this world, to find you four. They left their lives behind, dedicated 15 years to finding the most powerful Resonators in the world; that's why you're here.
Podosía Triók
  In 18.2.3714 PR, Podosía Triók learned of movements in the East and called for the return of all 4 of the agents she had sent out. This was the founding of the Four of the North.




  Podosía Triók was the original founder of the Four of the North. She, following her brother's departure, put into place an organization to organize a team with the capabilities to defeat her wayward sibling. This all took place aproximatly 5 years following the end of the Second Venix War.


  In the early winter of 3713 PR, Chaén Triók returned from the Shattered Isles with a full-force movement gaining control of the surrounding land. As word hit the main-lands of a Resonex in the East, Podosía Triók returned to the founding of the Four of the North uniting them back in Anéginnis.

Defending the Borders

  Now united in Anéginnis, the four are being trained to use Resonance so that when Chaén returns they will be able to stop him. Trained by many of the most powerful Resonators in the nation, they are being groomed to become the strongest military unit in the world.


Author's Notes

This is a large article for me as it begins to put the foundations of my characters onto the page. I hope you all find them interesting and are at least a little bit curious to see more. Leave a comment if there's anything you spot and maybe let me know your favorite character? Thanks for reading!  

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