The Core of Gravity


I've begun to look into Vity. Overall, the powers of the core are incredible. From the historical presidence in the form of the Man who Moves the Moon and the Shattered Isles, there are incredible feats of Vity.
What I've found more interesting than anything else was how Resonators were able to use Vity to create new technology like Vitlifts. Modern applications of Resonance, like Vitlifts, are intrguining as they demonstrate just how versatile the power of Resonance is.
-- Eritís Meseti, Dear Son Journal Collection
The Core of Gravity, simply called Vity in most cases, is the first core; known for producing the most Resonators, many of whom are extremely skilled and powerful. Because of this, many Vibril are attracted to the unique Harmonics of the Core.   Vity Resonators will generally either be assigned to join a military unit or work transport jobs based on their rank.
Vity and Ondi share a few properties, especially in regards to the attraction and motion of objects. Even so, they also are drastically different in methodology. While Vity is about gravity, meaning push and pull of objects, Ondi is about the attraction of objects -- down to a molecular level.
Vity is popular because gravity is everywhere; having the ability controlling it is useful for travel and fighting meaning both the commoners and the military benefit from a large population of Vity Resonators
— Unknown
The Core of Gravity; Vity
Domain of Control
Number of Users
15.6 million
6 Harmonics; 3 Groups
  • Increase Gravitational Effect
  • Decrease Gravitational Effect
  • Directional Pull
  • Directional Push
  • Pull Point
  • Push Point


6 Harmonics, divided into 3 pairs

Gravitational Weight

We always begin with the Gravitational Weight Harmonics. They act as the foundation in understanding the abilities of Vity.
— Educator of Vity
The Gravitational Weight classification of Harmonics is the first and most iconic form of Vity Harmonics. It's staple ability is that of increasing or decreasing the effect of gravity on an object. This can also create fields of increased or decreased gravity, often being in combination of Gravity Points; these fields are the most useful ability, capable of many of the same effects as Gravity Points.   When the Vity Core is being taught, most often they will begin teaching with the Gravitational Weight Harmonics. The decision to begin in this category comes from the fact that it introduces the properties of gravity as well as being the classification test. However, simply put, the Gravitational Weight Harmonics are also the weakest of the 3 types.

Gravitational Effect | Relocatable
  The Increase Gravitational Effect Harmonic is capable of increasing the gravitational effect on an object or area. When in use on an object, stable objects will become substantially heavier while unstable objects may collapse in on itself. Used in fields, the increase gravity can cause everything around it to collapse down to the ground. The range of ability to this Harmonic is fairly wide, from creating small increases to crumbling buildings.

Gravitational Effect | Relocatable
  The main use of the Decrease Gravitational Effect Harmonic is to create sections of complete zero gravity. Whether to make an object completely impervious to gravity or create fields where gravity is unable to take effect, the cancellation of gravity is an incredibly powerful tool used by Vity Resonators. While most often used to create zero gravity, it can also be used to simply decrease the effect like the Increase Gravitational Weight Harmonic.
  Gravity Points and Directional Motion are fairly similar in their effect, differing in their range. Each's purpose is to give a gravitational pull to objects without gravity. Because of this, except for the most skilled Resonators, the Harmonics are usually used in combination with zero gravity zones.  

Directional Motion


Directional Motion | Relocatable
  Capable of effecting a single object, the Pull Directional Motion Harmonic is used to directly pull at an object. The pull can be generally set in any direction; it is significantly more used than the Push Directional Motion Harmonic due to accomplishing a similar effect.

Directional Motion | Relocatable
  Similar to the Pull Directional Motion Harmonic, the Push Directional Motion Harmonic can be used to push any object away from a point in whatever direction it may take. This lack of control generally results in the Harmonic being used only in specifical circumstances.

Gravity Point


Gravity Point | Relocatable
  The Pull Gravity Point Harmonic is one of the most used, allowed Resonators to create points of gravity that pull on everything around them. In general, the range of effect of the Harmonic is determined by the power of the pull, not the choice of the Resonator like most Vity Harmonics.

Gravity Point | Relocatable
  Opposite to the Pull Gravity Point Harmonic, Push Gravity Point Harmonics are used to create points of gravity that push everything away from them. This Harmonic is generally uncontrollable and powerful, emulating the effect of explosions by sending everything flying through the air.

Ranking Classifications

A specific test was designed to establish the rankings of Vity Resonators. By using the Decrease Gravitational Effect Harmonic, the test is based on the amount of Resonance that the Resonator can summon.   Specifically, the test is based on the range in which the Resonator can create a field of complete zero gravity. The test is measured in the radius of the field, generally occuring in a sphere around the Resonator.
The ranking system increases in range with each ranking; this is because, after a certain point, the range of power a Resonator has increases drastically. This results in Rank 1 being a range of 4 Meters while a Rank 1 has a range of 50 Meters.   By establishing an increasing range for ranks, it makes the scale occur naturally and solidifies the significance of each rank.
Fun Fact - Significant Figures
In general, it takes a Rank 3 Vity Resonator to pilot the average Vitlift. However, this is based on the implimentation of several different Harmonics at once. Rank 3 Vity Resonators would be able to negate gravity for a fleet of around 5 Vitlifts at once; 10 Rank 5s or lower are needed to pilot one Vitlift.

Classification Scores

Rank 7
1 Meter - 4 Meters(4 Meters)
Rank 6
5 Meters - 9 Meters(4 Meters)
Rank 5
10 Meters - 14 Meters(4 Meters)
Rank 4
15 Meters - 29 Meters(14 Meters)
Rank 3
30 Meters - 99 Meters(69 Meters)
Rank 2
100 Meters - 999 Meters(899 Meters)
Rank 1
1,000 Meters - 8,000 Meters(7,000 Meters)

Resonating Point


Shattered Isles

  Nearly 1000 years before the modern age, a powerful and young Vibril who lived on the East Isles began to lose control of her power in the world's most devastating Vibration to date. From this Vibration, a wave of destruction swept the entire continent killing virtually everyone on the island and tearing the landscape apart completely.   As this occured around the Vity Resonating Point, the disrupted land released the mostly dormant power resulting in the complete loss of gravity for the surface of the ground; this power raised a number of stones from the ground resulting in a chaotic landscape.
The Vity Resonating Point is located on the Shattered Isles. The power of the Resonating Point has completely changed the landscape around it, turning the destroyed landscape into a mess of gravitational distress. Since the year 2616 PR when the Vibration of a young Vibril, who would later become the NUMBER Resonex, destroyed the entire island, the remainder of the Shattered Isle was left hanging in the air as the power of the Vity Resonating Point. The unnatural apperance of the landscape, especially on such a large scale, establishes the Vity Resonating Point as one of the most powerful and recognizable Resonating Point in the world.  
Resonance practically drips from the Resonating Point; putting a Vibril in such a place is dangerous, the last time that happened the entire isle was completely destroyed
  Due to the impossibility of navigating the Shattered Isles, the Vity Resonating Point is generally left alone. Making the trek out to the isle as well as the difficult of navigation is generally considered to be too dificult to make the visit. Upon his flight from Anéginnis, Chaén Okóneia settled in the Shattered Isles claiming the land. His power, utop the power of the Resonating Point resulted in a wave of rumors that warded all travellers away.


  As with most other Resonators, Vity users only have a few main options for jobs; the divion of work is also generally based off education level and rank. Out of the nearly 60 million Resonators, 26% use Vity; 40% of whom are rank 4 or higher. This equates to 6.24 million Resonators with a high level of education. Based on this divide, Resonators will often go into military or upper class work.  


  Following proper education, every Resonator with a middle to high rank is offered the chance to join the military; around 50% of Resonators join their nation's military after completing their education.  
I extend the offer to each and every one of you to join the military. I've dedicated the past several years to ensuring each of you was highly skilled in using your power and now it's your turn to decide what to do. Whether you chose to join the military and use your skills for your country, to dedicate your life to advancing studies of Resonance, or to follow in the steps of your family to become politicians.
— Educator of Resonance

Citizen Occupations


Upper Class

  There are a number of resonators, especially those ranked 4 or above, who deny joining the military. If going into work other than with the military, powerful Resonators will often become politicians offerring their Resonance to large political campaigns.  

Lower Class

  Most often, Resonators of rank 5, 6, or 7 will be working a lesser job. Because most Resonators fall into these lower categories, they'll only ever join the military during war-times.   Depending on what lower level of experience that they have, Resonators can apply Vity to jobs such as Vitlift pilot or other simple jobs such as construction work.


Author's Notes

I'm super excited about this one as it begins the series of my cores, which is pretty much the main bulk of my magic system. I don't know how well I'll be able to push out these articles, but this feels like a good beginning. Let me know your thoughts below!  

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"either be assigned to join an military unit or work transport jobs based on their rank." Found a little one here. It should be A military unit I think. If i remember "am" is used when the next word has a vowel sound.     I am very intrigued by the similarities of viti and ondi. I love how they are intereconected and how they kind of mirror real world analogues, like bending space-time, and particles bound together to make bigger particles, on a quantum scale. It seems that's what your going for and I really like how the "physics" of this system are connected.     Smart to make them military as well. It makes sense. They are powerful, and relatively plentiful.       Oooo harmonics are cool. They function like spells but Oof. Lots of applications. I like how their are specific spells dealing with fixed points, pushing and pulling to an external point as opposed to yourself. Excellent idea and I can definitely tell what you meant when you said it's more versatile. Well done.

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Yep. Silly typos.   I'm also interested in it as some things, namely the ability to attract objects to each other, will be similar on a surface level but Ondi will also be able to create equal attraction between objects due to its different methodology. That, and I plan on making it possible for Ondi to have the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct objects down to a sub-atomic level. Granted, this won't be practically used to a fine level because, based on my idea, they would need an adept understanding of atomic structure to do so. But, they will be able to disintigrate things by "unbonding" them, as the name suggests.   It was mostly because I didn't know what else to do with people capable of tearing cities from the ground by completely negating gravity(of course, that's only 100/60 000 000 people).   Harmonics are the smallest unit. For clarification, I decided to divide Resonance up into "castable units". Resonance can be broken down into 7 Cores. Each of these 7 Cores can be broken down into between 3 and 12 Harmonics. Which can be built into different groups. It felt like a logical progression for me. Plus, it makes it more manageable to learn if you only learn 1 harmonic group at a time. (Maybe I should call Harmonic groups Chords to continue with the theme of sound in my terminology). Thanks for the feedback!

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Oh gosh. I'd need to look further into the science behind nuclear weaponry. However, from what I just googled, they'd be able to creative devastating amounts of fall out if they mixed the wrong atoms together. They could even get explosions from the rapid release of energy between atomic particles (Which they, theoretically, would also be able to negate through the use of Resonance). However, nuclear explosions are based on the instability of nuclear elements being fused together. Which would require elements that the people of my world wouldn't have easy access too. Conclusion: yes, but no. They can create explosions, if they know what subatomic particles are, but that'd be difficult to manage and it wouldn't be nuclear.

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