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The Deities of Aerofell

Without the gods there would be no order

Table of contents

Pantheon of Aerofell

  The universe is full of divine beings that both live and die but not through age. They came into creation from the Primordial Titans after the reset by the All-being Outer God. They were the first beings to embrace the splendor that the new multi-verse had to offer and learned to control its magics. The divine beings are split into two groups as chosen by their actions; the Cardinal Deities are those of righteousness and balance. They seek to protect the creations that roams the universe. The Banished Gods are the divine entities who sought to destroy the creations or enslave them into an eternity of pain for the greater being's entertainment.   To avoid another fallout that almost cost the divine beings their creations the Banished Gods have been exiled to the planes which would hold them back from the Material Plane. The Cardinal Deities left the Material Plane to the planes of their choosing, ensuring they too did not have direct contact with the creations. All divine beings are not blocked from contacting the beings on the Material Plane, but must conform to the Divine Laws or be punished appropriately.

History of the Deities

  The deities of Aerofell, were once allowed free reign on what it is that they chose to do, from healing people in the masses to causing an undead uprising which inevitably led to their downfall. History tells of an All-being Outer God who traversed the inter-dimensional multiverse to stop time in the in the current dimension. Nobody knows how long time was stopped for, but those who were present before the ripple in time were no longer present afterwards. The All-being Outer God reshaped the universe as they saw fit, making sure to give balance to the expanse. When it came to the Curbian Solar system, Aerofell underwent a drastic change.   First, the planet was stripped bare of all life. It was turned back into its hot, explosive, lifeless form. The seas were drained and the planet became a molten ball of rock. The All-being Outer God then shaped the world into the planet we all know today. Firstly, they set about cooling the rock and moving the planet into a habitable zone in the solar system, making sure that the kept enough distance from the sun star Yxen to sustain life but not so distant it would freeze. They then forced a molten outer core to form around a solid super-heated inner core with an insulating layer known as the mantle before the outer crust was reformed. To give life to this desolate rock the All-being Outer God proceeded to add tectonic plates to ensure the world would develop by itself without constant nurturing. They then poured the water back onto the planet covering it in an even layer before raising land from underneath the vast oceans and lowering other rocks to form deep oceans and oceanic trenches.   Adding bacterial life forms to the oceans and a mixture of seedlings to the lands the All-being Outer God sped up time in this dimension by an unfathomable amount to make the world’s development instantaneous in their eyes. Once the lands were rich with life, they warped all but two planes of existence in this dimension to their pleasure, resetting them all. The two that the All-being Outer God did not touch were the Astral plane and Abyssal plane for entities of vast power live there which would have imprisoned the All-being Outer God and syphoned their powers.   After this reset, the universe was left to run its course, the All-being Outer God left the dimension to continue their work elsewhere. That is when the Titans first appeared, the first explorers of the newly shaped Aerofell. They learned magic from the elements and were soon able to grant themselves immortality from mortal afflictions. Select titans of both good and evil became powerful enough to obtain divinity and so they began to search for sources of powers, leading to the creation of humanoids in hopes of obtaining power from worship and souls.   The first humanoids on Aerofell were said to resemble the one-eyed titans with several arms and the ability to walk amongst the minds of the unconscious. The humanoids worshipped their good creators, but this made the evil gods unhappy. They began to corrupt these creations turning them against one another and causing vast wars. It is believed that at some point in history there were more evil deities than good deities and thus Aerofell was sent into corruption. The evil gods shaped and released monsters, gave mortal beings nightmares and trapped their souls for personal power.   Before the evil gods could totally corrupt all humanoids, the humanoids built places of worship where the powers of evil were repelled by channelling what remained of the good deities. The humanoids embarked on the largest crusade the planet had ever seen in its past or current life. They wiped out most evil temples, slayed the abominations the evil gods had created and learned to channel magic from the elements themselves leaving the evil gods powerless. The good gods went to war in the endless galaxies of the night skies, stars collided as they hurled planets at each other until eventually the evil gods’ numbers dwindled to just a few who surrendered. They agreed to conform to sustaining life in the universe as part of their terms. The evil gods were banished to other planes, now titled the Banished Gods not to return to the material plane unless their reasons were justified and approved by the newly named Cardinal Deities.   To prevent endangering the lives of the creations the Laws of Divinity were created. Strict rules which ensured the preservation of life throughout the universe and planes that all deities must follow. If the rules were broken the perpetrator was to be punished by a decision made by the ‘Council of Three’, alpha gods each of a neutral alignment in their fields: The Architect - a good deity, The Maker - a true neutral deity, and The Destroyer - an evil deity. This set of laws has, thus far, not been broken.

The Cardinals and the Banished

  All acts in the universe are split into two very basic principles, good and evil. One who maintains a balance between the two, neither siding with one or the other can be considered netural. This reigns true for even the most divine beings, with the pantheon of Aerofell being split into the good, the Cardinals, and the evil, the Banished.   The Order of Champion deities includes the leaders of the free world and expert creators that evolved from the Primordial Titans to rebuild from the destruction that the Battle of the Ancients left behind. They represent life, freedom, light, protection and the creation of balance in the world. The deities tend to argue amongst themselves, but never take it to see battle in order to maintain the alliance the Cardinal Deities share to sanctify the life of their creations.   Unlike their sweetened counterpart, the Table of Ten includes the creators of nightmares, the mother of monsters and the very Duke of Hell himself. The evil gods of the Curbian Solar system one sought to throw the world of Aerofell into unbalance and tried to destroy all life upon it. The evil gods thoughts, ideologies and influences aren't stopped from reaching the mind of any being for the Cardinals know that they must allow balance and freedom of choice to their creations.

The Laws of Divinity

  The Laws of Divinity is a set of rules carved into the very building blocks of life by the Cardinal Deities. They are very closely monitored and have been tweaked only twice throughout all of their existence. The laws define the requirements to keep the creations of the deities safe.  
Communing with Creations
A divine entity may freely talk to a creation as they see fit, guiding them on their road to obtaining goals they seek. The restriction to such communication is that under no circumstances should a deity tell a creation how to slay another being of divine power.  
The Intervention Regulation
Divine beings of all alignments may not directly kill, disable or otherwise harm a creation or creature. The exceptions to this rule is when a creature is on their own plane of existence, are acting out of self defence or have been summoned by an order of the divine.  
Manifestation on the Material Plane
Deities are not, under any circumstance to manifest in the material plane. The only exception to this is the grounds of the deity's first temple within which they may freely exist. If the first temple is destroyed or otherwise in ruins the deity may bless a chosen champion to find a new site for that deity's first temple but must not be within proximity of another temple with opposing beliefs.  
Holy Days
On each deity's holy day they are welcome to, but not obligated to, make a divine appearance in the material plane. They may select one city each year that worships them within which they may celebrate with the creations. They must still follow The Intervention Regulation law and Communing with Creations law on this celebratory day.  
Divine Abominations
Every third Autumn year divine abominations shall be released to feed upon the population of Aerofell. Without this feed every twelve years the abominations will become restless and seek to break free of their holding stars and consume organic matter and an excessive rate.

The Divine Domains

  Each deity has their own domain within which their powers swirl in an endless vortex. The creations who use the divine power of their gods for any reasons, from damaging magics to healing magics, summon it from a deity of their beliefs. The divine domains are important as they define the very powers a deity has and in which areas they are to focus their intentions.




The Cardinal Deities
The Allseer
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Travel
The Architect
Domains: Artifice, Good, Knowledge, Sun
The Everchange
Domains: Chaos, Erosion, Good, Plant, Trickery
The Forge Matron
Domains: Fire, Protection, Strength, Sun
The Judge
Domains: Law, Nobility, Rune, War
The Lantern Bearer
Domains: Earth, Healing, Repose, Sun, Travel
The Maker
Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Void
The Mask
Domains: Liberation, Luck, Magic, Trickery
The Scales
Domains: Animal, Community, Scalykind, Vermin
The Stormbringer
Domains: Darkness, Death, Destruction, Ruins, Weather
The Wildkin
Domains: Animal, Charm, Community, Ruins, Plant
The Winter King
Domains: Erosion, Death, Glory, Weather
The Banished Gods
The Burning Snake
Domains: Fire, Healing, Magic, Sun
The Chained Crow
Domains: Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery
The Dark Huntress
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Darkness
The Destroyer
Domains: Death, Destruction, Fire, Ruins
The Duke of Hell
Domains: Death, Law, Nobility, Rune
The Forgotten Coin
Domains: Community, Madness, Void
The Hateful Hand
Domains: Evil, Madness, Strength, War
The Toxic Spider
Domains: Animal, Knowledge, Plant, Vermin
The Troublemaker
Domains: Artifice, Erosion, Trickery
The Ruined Emperor
Domains: Destruction, Glory, Ruin, War

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