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The Cut-Knuckle Freeman Revolution


The slaves of Verivaltus are easily recognizable by a physical deformity. The index, middle, and ring fingers of the left hand have all been cut off at the outermost knuckle. Branding slaves is nothing new in Aerlanda, but the slavers of Verivaltus wanted their mark to be difficult to hide. They also reasoned, however incorrectly, that this form of branding would yield the highest quality slaves. If a slave survived blood loss and staved off infection, this was testament to their fortitude. A slave from Verivaltus could then be seen as a superior "product."   Life as a slave on this mobile pirate nation is nasty, brutish, and short. The slave owners see Cut-Knuckles as subhuman, and the balance of power in Verivaltus is predicated on their inability to organize. Slaves outnumber free men six-to-one, and as the raids on shoreline communities get more and more frequent, this number only increases. The obedience of slaves is only upheld through the efficacy of the officers of the Meat Spoke, the district dedicated to slavery and other unsavory purchases of sentient life.

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Death is a preferable alternative to communism.