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Aere, the Language of Creation

Life and Death were responsible for the creation of the Weave, and the tacit keepers of the Aere, the language used to spin and pull the Weave into reality. Life and Death passed the Aere on to the gods in its entirety, and the gods used the Aere to barter with the mortal races for access to the mana in their veins. The powers granted by access to the Aere are wide-ranging in their potency and applicability, but invoking the Aere has a very real cost in mana and exertion. Over centuries, scholars, mystics, and those with powerful connections to the Weave or those that contract with the gods have developed specific branches of Aere "dialects" that utilize the Weave in different ways.  

Arcane Dialect

The dialect spoken by arcanists is stilted and full of inconsistent pronunciations. This is primarily due to the nature of the Arcane dialect as being the only way of speaking the Aere that was discovered by mortals through sheer intellect and persistence. It is no less powerful for its bastard nature, and speakers of this dialect are fearsome indeed. A mortal that has learned to manipulate their understanding of the weave without divine help or powerful bloodlines is nothing if not exceptionally gifted and powerful.

Natural Dialect

Druids and acolytes of natural demi-gods learn to commune with the natural mana present in the veins of the world and pull words of power directly from this communion. As such, the natural dialect sounds harmonious, as a multitude of people speaking from the single source of the speaker.

Divine Dialect

In the aftermath of the creation of The Manaweft, the gods sought to barter for mana in exchange for service. Those that followed their tenants would receive in return temporary access to the Aere. The sound of the divine dialect is characterized by the god that grants its use.

Unique Dialects

While rare, there are individuals who have stumbled onto the Aere through unusually high concentrations of mana within their own blood. They are dangerous indeed, as the Aere expresses itself according to their will. The specific sound of these unique dialects are of course, unique to the individual.

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