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The gods have just been evicted from Aerlanda. For millennia, the gods of each nation forced their followers to fight for control over the flow of Mana within The Weave. The most recent of these conflicts ended in the devastation of the Peninsula of Hinterwoth, turning it into a wasteland stretching nearly 1,500 miles. This wanton destruction of the Weave was part of a greater ritual performed by the cult known as the Mana Knights, in an effort to destroy the Nexus of the Gods, the bridge between worlds.   They succeeded.   The gods on the material plane have all been imprisoned in their created plane of Elynias. They cannot interact with the material world. This is a trying time for the faithful as prayers go unanswered, and those who used to speak for the gods and receive divine blessings are reduced to mundane levels of power. Religious orders seek means to reopen the veil between the worlds, and a huge void is left in the daily life of every citizen. Furthermore, every Holy Kingdom faces rebellion from those who now believe royal authority is not divine decree.   But not all enemies are from within. Ezweh, the most powerful of the gods, was split into his dark and light halves hundreds of years ago. While the light half was trapped on Elynias, the dark half, Ezvith, has been wandering the Great Beyond, feasting on the energy of the void. The crashing destruction of the Nexus has rippled throughout the cosmos, calling Ezvith home.   Evil in the world resonates with the coming darkness. From the deep places of Aerlanda, groaning maws gnash their teeth in anticipation. Beasts long dormant awaken and make their way to the surface, bringing insanity and death to all. Madness will only be stayed by heroes with the courage to stand in the path of the dark god and his minions.

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The Cut-Knuckle Freemans' Guide to Verivaltus

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

In the pirate owned international tradehub of Verivaltus, the pleasure yacht of a prominent slaver and trade baron of the city has been set on fire, with the slaver still inside.

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