Goblinoids are a diverse and unique family of species. Goblinoids had a typical humanoid anatomy, though their skin tone and texture was often somewhere between that of a human and a snail. Though Bugbears and some other Goblinoid varieties have some fur. Heights varied greatly among different species of goblinoids, ranging from 3 to 7 feet (0.91 to 2.1 meters). The build of goblinoids was usually thick and muscular, but could also be stringy and lithe, with their faces possessing similar attributes.

Basic Information


Goblinoids are bipeds, and their anatomy, though different, can most easily be compared to humans. The specifics of each species within this genus vary however.

Genetics and Reproduction

Goblinoids reproduce sexually

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All Goblinoids have vision in the dark. Other abilities are unique to the different species.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects



The Goblinoid Genus was first created but not defined by the machinations of Moraphan the Crimson Lord. They were enslaved by Moraphan before his defeat when they were freed and healed from the dark influence that had dominated their minds. In the days that followed most Goblinoids joined the new empire of Aeris themselves. Other large bands of Goblinoid folk did not join, and instead took to the wilds in order to live for themselves. Hobgoblins, unlike their more chaotic cousins, took to the new imperial order extremely well. They became known for their strong leadership, tactics and martial prowess. The Goblinoids as a whole are clever, and quick, though they show it in different ways. In the millennia following their genesis they've become as diverse as any other people upon the face of Aeris. Sadly Goblinoids have grown a reputation for being marauders and thieves terrorizing the countryside, but some theorize it is their monstrous visage that has perpetuated this instead of there being any more Goblinoid raiders than Humanoid. Although their appearance and bloody history has been to their detriment, they've no less persevered.   Norkers and Varags are also classified as Goblinoids, but their feral nature separates them from their genetic cousins.

Historical Figures

H'rook Tyi'di the Mighty, Nagtung of Liliang, High Proctor B'lemik
Scientific Name
Average Height
Goblins: ~4 ft Bugbears: 6-8 ft Hobgoblins: 5-6 ft Varags: 7 ft Norkers: 4 ft

Genus and Species

Goblin Cobalorum Parvulus
Bugbear Cobalorum Ursus
Hobgoblin Cobalorum Sapientes
Varag Cobalorum Curet
Norker Cobalorum Muta
"If you want soldiers or thugs, hire hobgoblins. If you want someone clubbed to death in their sleep, hire bugbears. If you want mean little fools, hire goblins." -Quatara Bengala