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House Rules

List of house rules universal to all D&D games.

1. Starting Feat: When you make a character they get a 1st level starting feat that they meet the requirements for.

2. Rolling for stats: When rolling for abilities roll 4d6 and drop the lowest number. You may create 3 lists of 6 stats from which to choose from.

3. All Tasha content is allowed

4. Taking a Potion: Drinking a potion is a bonus action, forcing someone else to drink a potion is an action.

5. Casting two spells: You may cast any spell as long as you have the appropriate action. For example if you cast Fireball as your action, you may also cast Healing word with your bonus action.

6. No over kill: If you are hit with an attack that brings you to 0 hp and has damage remaining that exceeds your Max Hp, you do not instantly die. Certain spells can still cause instant death, however.


1. Warlocks may choose what type of damage their Eldritch Blast does when creating their character.

1. Monks who can use a reaction to catch an incoming arrow, you may also use it for an ally. If you are within 5ft of an ally or in the path of an incoming arrow to an ally, you may use your reaction to try to catch the arrow and reduced the damage. Any leftover damage is given to the monk. If you reduce the damage to 0, you are still eligible to spend a ki point to make a thrown attack with the arrow.

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