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Durah' Sol

After escaping Rael in the iron mines, the party travels to Durah’ Sol as their only option to get out of Frewen unseen. Frewen as a country is an ocean locked continent, but the edge of Durah’ Sol is so close to the edge of Zarafell, there is a trade bridge that connects the two countries. By crossing this bridge, the party will be able to flee to Zarafell where they presume they won’t be chased by the Frewen Guard, and hopefully not Rael either. While in Sol, the party finds disguises so that they won’t be recognized by any Frewen military or Rael, should he be in the city looking for them. However, they successfully cross the bridge undetected (or so they think) and enter the border town of Gil in Zarafell.


The city has a mayor that presides over the comings and goings, however the city is under the jurisdiction of the province of Durah' Vaal, which in turn is owned by the King of Frewen.


Durah' Sol has it's own standing military presence, comprising of guards at every gate, soldiers that patrol the streets, a naval regiment of officers that keep a presence at the piers and docks. There is a small regiment of the Frewen Guard that are stationed on the Royal Trade Bridge and are in charge of immigration and border crossing.


Durah' Sol is built on trade. The city is built on the edge of the Frewen continent and is connected to Zarafell via the Royal Trade Bridge, a world wonder. There are many piers and docks where trade ships come and go day and night. The trade industry in Durah' Sol is booming and is a major source of income to the kingdom as a whole.


a. Durah’ Sol (translated to Eastern City in Norrish) is a large trade city and capitol city of the Durah’ Vaal province. Locally known as Sol throughout Frewen, the city is a hub for trade and multiculturalism. In Sol it is common to see people and merchants from many places in the world, especially people from Zarafell. Since the city is so large (still much smaller than Frewen City) there are many large cultural buildings, such as cathedrals, shrines, temples and marketplaces. As far as architecture, it is all very Norran (same as Frewen City) resembling medieval and renaissance European gothic. Throughout the city there are many open squares with elaborate fountains, statues, and clock towers. Sol also is home to one of the largest harbors in Frewen and are part owners of the Royal Trade Bridge, a world wonder. For those that travel, Sol is a much loved tourist destination. The general feel and vibe of the city is sophistication and ritzy comfort. Many wealthy people live in Sol. The majority of the city is built very compact, with 2-4 storied buildings everywhere you look.


Durah' Sol is built on a peninsula in the Durahn lowlands on the most western edge of Frewen. The surrounding land is fertile, rich in soil and water. A short trip eastward lies Lake Frewen, a large body of water surrounded by thick forest. To the northeast is Sky Lake, and the southeast is Blue Lake. Surrounding Durah' Sol is farmland stretching for miles and miles.

Natural Resources

The surrounding farmlands harvest many kinds of grain, there is much fishing off the coast and in the nearby lakes, salt is taken from the ocean waters.
Alternative Name(s)
The King's Trade City, The Melting Pot of Arlen
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Durah' Solan
Location under

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