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Amice goes to the streets

Life, Relocation


Most would expect a child to be helpless when left to fend for themself, but Amice was prepared for this.

The healer taught Amice many things, but she eventually died of old age when the girl was 7, leaving her to fend for herself once again. This time, though, she was prepared. Although she was still young, the last 3 years with the healer helped her to understand what happened to her parents, how life should be lived and to prepared her to be independent. Even though the girl was offered shelter quite a few times in the beginning, she refused them all, preferring to work to earn what she had than to live off of charity.   This noble attitude would build her a reputation through Hrastgar during the next years, inspiring all sorts of people to work harder despite their Artalgnian overlords, to never give up on their goals. Even before she accomplished anything great, she was already an example to be followed to the people around her. Amice wasn't really concerned with that, though. She needed to survive and meet her parents again someday.

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