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The Arcane Development Program



Archana needed to develop a new and more efficient way to defend itself, and so the ADP was created.

Driven by the fear that his only daughter at the time wouldn't become the ruler he expected from his firstborn, Abraham had to come with a solution to the long term protection of Archana. A couple years before Artalgne's last assault on Edgemourn, King Abraham II ordered the construction of multiple towers across the kingdom for an unknown reason. It wasn't until 2 years later they were finished, after Battle of the Red Diamond, that he announced his project.   In order to better protect Archana from outside forces, he created the Arcane Development Program, or ADP. This project aimed to promote researches to better understand and make use of magic, trying to discover new limits of the art. For that purpose, magic-users with great potential would be selected and given all the tools they need to practice and experiment within the limits of the towers they were assigned to.

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