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Battle for Blackbourne

Military action


Krenjor's interest for the region of Nouvemond was growing, and they too wanted it for themselves.

Artalgne had already stablished itself in the Nation of Nouvemond, now named Arcanopia, when Krenjor tried to take one more shot at conquering Blackbourne. Unfortunately for them, Artalgne was already pretty experienced at sea warfare, and their ships were able to fend the enemy off.   Blackbourne was damaged pretty heavily, though. Artalgne had no interest in keeping the town populated and alive, so they only kept it well enough to serve as an entrypoint to Arcanopia and as an outpost for their navy. Some survivors of the attack lead by a man known as Devin retreated to the caves under the city, along the Black River, and so Blackbourne was left mostly abadoned, a ghost town, a shadow of its former self.

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