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Tribal Orcs

The main orcish culture in Krenjor


"Savage beasts. They are all the scourge of this land. Killing and plundering as if there was no tomorrow! I wouldn't be surprised if they were the children of demons!"
— a Krenja villager

One of the most prominent races in cold climates, Orcs are often nomads and live in tribes. Those who live this way make their living from raiding and battles, posing a considerable threat to smaller Human settlements that may become targets to these raiders. These beast-like people are known as Tribal Orcs and are more common in Krenjor.


Culture and cultural heritage

Tribal orcs have given in to their primal instincts, living as their needs and emotions command. They hunt when hungry, they sleep when tired, they fight when angry, and they have intercourse when in love. Through this, there are no hard rules in an orcish community, and everyone does as they wish. You lead if you feel like subjugating the others, and you follow if you trust or fear your leader.

Orcish Tribes

Living in an orcish tribe is not much different from living in a pack of animals. They follow the strongest and most imposing orc, who also gets to attract most of the women of the group, and fight each other to keep their


As is their nature, orcs are aggressive and brutal in battle, and the tribal ones are often more so.

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