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Street Fox, Thief of Legend

An urban myth that is changing the course of Archana


"No one has ever taken a good look at it. Nor day, nor night. It just comes, takes, and leaves before anyone realizes. The next day, someone in the slums gets rich."
— Passage from popular urban tales

The mysterious phantom thief, bane of the rich and protector of the poor, Street Fox is an urban myth, believed to be a fox spirit walking Nouvemond's streets in search of the perfect target to steal from.


It is a fact that the riches of Nouvemond's elite have been disappearing, and the people attribute that to Street Fox. At first, it was believed that those were feats of a common thief or thieves, but such heists were always so precise, secretive, leaving no evidence behind, that it could only be the work of a supernatural being. It didn't take long before tales of a fox spirit began to spread, a thief so cunning that it was always two steps ahead.

As the situation got out of hand with the complaints of the elite, King Abraham II doubled Nouvemond's guard watch in an attempt to catch the Fox. But it wasn't until Robert of Bellmare took on as head of the guard that things began to change. Although the thief was never actually caught, the guard got close enough quite a few times, and with Captain Robert's investigative prowess they rooted out the Fox's intentions: helping the poor.

A crusade began, Robert and his man hunting down those who had benefited from Street Fox's robbery, and making use of torture and coercion to try to get the people to reveal where the thief hides. While this had no results in trying to get the information, everyone claiming they don't know, even to their death sometimes, after this the number of crimes committed by the Fox dropped down until recently that none have been heard of for a few weeks.

Historical Basis

Truth behind the myth

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The Street Fox is indeed real, but a person in flesh and blood. The character is impersonated by Robin Maine, Princess of Archana. She was denied her rightful heritage to the crown and feeling under the obligation to do something to help the Kingdom, she started donating some of her stuff and eventually got into stealing from the elite. Having access to her "unlimited" money and knowledge on every building, nook, and cranny of Nouvemond all thanks to her status, she started using it to make small acquisitions, moving up as the robberies felt easier and she earned more experience and courage.


As a recent urban myth, the tales of Street Fox have spread like viral news through the Kingdom of Archana, but haven't gone beyond that yet. As Archana is a strong mercantile potency, word of the Fox has sure left to other nations, though nothing but casual talk.

Variations & Mutation

The core of the urban myth doesn't change, but there are multiple theories of how Street Fox performs its crimes, including feats of magic, uncanny senses and skills, divine or spiritual guidance, and even through a deal with otherworldly beings.

Cultural Reception

The tales and deeds of the Street Fox have grown to amazing proportions in the poorer communities. It has become a hero to the people, a symbol of hope for the hopeless. It has put in check even the authority of the King himself. In the last year, this has caused a great popular dissatisfaction with the state of the nation, and also raised the number of robberies in Archana, especially by the self-entitled apprentices of Street Fox, The Hoods.

On the other hand, for the others, Street Fox is a tumor growing in the kingdom. Real or myth, spirit or flesh, the tales of the Fox bring discord to Archana, creating an unnecessary class conflict in a time of hardship when instead the people should stand united and strong. This spite is even stronger among Dwarves, orderly as they are, a criminal has no place in Archana for them.

Date of Setting
492 AE > 495 AE (ongoing)
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