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Children of the ruler of Archana


"People always see me not by who I am, but by what titles I carry. There is nothing glorious about being a princess, you know. Like this, I have a chance to be who I really am, and not what I'm expected to be."
— Robin Maine, Princess of Archana

The children of the King and Queen, princes and princesses are effectively rulers-in-training, being tutored by their parents to be the next ruler in line. They don't have any de facto authority to their names, but the Archani often respect them nearly as much as they respect their rulers.


This title is reserved only to the children of the rulers of the kingdom. While others may become candidates to the throne, only the ruler's children have the right to receive this title.


A prince/princess is tasked with the study of the subjects that makes a ruler such as, but not limited to, Diplomacy, Leadership - Motivation & Inspiration, Battle Strategies, Armed Combat, Foreign Languages, Trade & Economy, International Diplomacy, Introduction to Magic, and Religion.


Princes/Princesses live the life of the children of a king - literally. They have access to all of the material benefits their parents have, including living in the Dawn Keep.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Normally, a prince/princess is born and dies with this title. There are only two ways to lose it: the most common, but not for anyone, is to become the ruler of Archana; the less common is to be accused of treason and be stripped of the title - and the family - by their own parents.

Cultural Significance

Much like the King/Queen is revered as the leader and salvation of the land, the princes/princesses are expected to become that one day, and so they are treated with due respect. Not only because of their important role as apprentices of ruler but also because no one wants to become enemies with someone who might have the power of a king one day.

Nobility, Household
In effect
307 AE
Source of Authority
The people
Length of Term
Lifelong (or until becomes a King/Queen)
Current Holders
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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