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(In)famous Rover city, center of all pirate trades

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for having most of the ideas for this settlement


"What? Portbail? He's taking us to the Hub Lands! Are you mad?! We are going to get killed! That place is pretty much the dragon's lair of pirates!"
— Street Fox, Thief of Legend

Believed to be a chaotic spot of violence and debauchery as much as the rest of the Hub Lands since it is a known refuge for the Rovers, Portbail is actually quite a nice town to live in. Full of lively people from all around the world, it is a trading center where all kinds of good can be found, even the rarest of relics, thanks to all the adventurers and "pirates" bringing their findings to sell in Portbail.


Due to their adaptability, humans are easily the majority in Portbail, and among the Rovers in general. But due to the whole culture of freedom, seafaring, and trading, one can find races from all around the world in Portbail. Elves, orcs, merfolk, and even the less adventurous dwarves and giants can be seen around.


While Portbail has a Count as commanded by Archana, he excerts little influence over the locals. He is secretly a member of the Pirate Order, and keeps his authority to himself in order to preserve the Rovian culture. Still, the Archan guards try to preserve the order as the King demands, resulting in a more than unconfortable annoyance for the locals.

Still, the King's influence is small in Portbail. With the Count keeping to himself, the people live on their own, with no rulers and oppressors. All their conflicts and important decisions are settled by themselves, between all the involved parties, even legal matters and international conflicts.


There is little to no defenses against land attacks in Portbail, like walls and such, since the chances of an army attacking them coming from the Hub Lands is nearly null. From the sea, however, is where their enemies come from, and is where they are most defended. It is no surprise as well since the Rovers are known for being extraordinary sea fighters. By the sea, a lighthouse stands to illuminate the coast, but a guard also keeps their eyes open for incoming fleets. In case the enemy is approaching, they can use Wind magic to blow a horn, warning all docked crews in Portbail to lift their anchors and defend the town.

Industry & Trade

Portbail lives off almost from trading alone. There are small services that some people offer to those living in Portbail or passing by, such as inns and taverns, but most live off from buying, selling, and reselling goods that come from overseas.

Guilds and Factions

Though the Pirate Order has no headquarters, they often use Portbail as a spot for meetings. Their presence in the region is weighty, they are often regarded as heroes, protectors, and representatives.


Portbail was built over the ruins of an old city of the same name from the previous era. The place was found by Rovers looking for a place to dock and settle for a while, and the good spot served that purpose well. Through the decades, its popularity rose, and other ships would often come to the same spot, some even stayed, and a settlement began to rise.

Centuries passed, Portbail was already known as a thriving town serving as a midpoint between sellers and buyers. Aiming to conquer Archana, Krenjor invaded the Hub Lands from the North, so they had an outpost to attack the Kingdom later on. Portbail was conquered as well as they offered little resistance since the attack came from inland. But it wasn't long before the pirates could reorganize themselves and force the weakened krenja troops, regaining their independence.

Seizing the opportunity, Archana offered a deal to the Rovers: they joined the Archan Kingdom, which would, in turn, give them soldiers for land combat. Just as the other settlements, the people of Portbail accepted the agreement, making of the Hub Lands an official territory of Archana. For the first few decades, everything went smoothly, but Archana's grasp over the Rovers slowly tightened. With the banning of the pirates from the Blackbourne Bay, the illegal trading in Portbail began to suffer from the Archan guard policing the market. Still, Archana's influence is too weak in Portbail, and most people can get to do things their way.


The buildings in Portbail are suspended on top of stone foundations. The tides at night rise and flood the beaches, so the stone foundations keep the constructions protected from the salt.


Portbail is located at one of the many beaches of the Hub Lands, with the sea at its front and low lands with thin forests at its back.

Natural Resources

Fruits and fish are the main resources in Portbail, with a few farms, cattle, and hunting game and wood as well.

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