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Open Wounds

Malfunction of the natural regenerative properties of the body

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for helping with the brainstorm for this article


"Are you sure we should keep buying these? Maybe we should look harder and find a healer for our party... You know how these can harm us when we are older."
— a worried adventurer to their party-leader

There is no denying that the Healing Potion is a godsend, able to save the lives of those who would otherwise be doomed. But it also offers its own set of dangers to one's health if consumed in excess and for longer periods. The main and worst side effect is a condition known as Open Wounds, the malfunction of the regenerative properties of the body.



Since the healing potion stimulates the production of stem cells to regenerate wounds, an unhealthy body may become dependent on the stimulus to be able to keep producing them.


The open wounds condition cannot be cured. Still, it can be treated with a controlled dosage of healing potions to keep the organism functioning and avoid other side effects.


The first and most obvious symptom is the increasing retardation of the scarring of wounds, hence the name of the condition. It can also cause a myriad of other problems which are harder to diagnose since no regeneration means that, if for whatever reason an organ needs repair, it won't be able to recover and may fail if left untreated.

Affected Groups

Adventurers and mercenaries are almost the exclusive groups to be affected since they get hurt often and consume more potions than the average person. Still, they are never affected while young, since a healthy body can still manage to keep its regenerative properties regardless. The symptoms begin to appear when these people grow older and their bodies' functions begin to fail, which is when they cannot make up for the lack of help from the potion. That said, it is possible for the young to be afflicted by the open wounds if they consume excessive amounts of the potion for whatever reason.

Open Wounds from Light Magic

While the cause of this condition is the consumption of healing potions, it is possible to acquire open wounds from Light magic, although it's much more unlikely to happen. Healing spells have no lasting effects on the body since it doesn't depend on chemicals, resulting in a much safer way to heal wounds in the long term.

Excessive use of Healing Potion
Inability to produce stem cells
Mental Symptoms
Physical Symptoms
Wounds won't close
Controlled dosage of Healing Potions
Hemorrhaging until death
Cannot be cured
Avoid consuming too many Healing Potions
Not contagious

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