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Oaken Hall

The Great Hall of the Count at the heart of Hrastgar


"Our Countess wants a word with you. C'mon, let's have a drink."
— Wylde Arbjorn

Standing grand at the heart of Hrastgar, right by the Circle of Heroes, the Oaken Hall is the oldest and most traditional building of the Hrastfolk. Today is serves just as a keep of the other cities, the home of the Count/Countess, but its history stretches beyond that.


Purpose / Function

The Oaken Hall is today used as a home to the Counts of Hrastgar, as a hall for celebrations of the Hrastfolk, as a place for important meetings of the most important members of the city, and as a redoubt, in case the city is attacked. But at first, it was built as a common lodge for the first Hrasfolk to arrive in the Oaklands, before they had the time for each to build their own home.


When it was built, the Oaken Hall was but a simple, make-shift building. Through the decades it received many alterations and renovations so it could reflect its glory as home of the leader of Hrastgar. The most significant alteration was the addition of the back rooms so it could be used as an actual home.


The Hall is certainly the most decorated building in the entire city. As is the local pattern, it is made entirely of oak wood, but with the base of the walls and pillars of stone. Every detail of stone, pillars and a few other beams are decorated with carvings, patterns that are a trait of the people.


When the ancestors of the Hrastfolk arrived in the Oaklands, they were seeking a new home, a place to stay. They found a good spot in an opening, in a forest of oaks, a good place to settle down. But while great and resistant, oak is a difficult wood to work with, so they decided to gather the strengths of everyone and rush a single, large building to protect everyone from the coming winter.

Hilde Nordrum, the leader of the Hrastfolk, was always helping her people with their homes, and through the years she and her family ended up living in the Oaken Hall as a result. At the end of every one of the harsh days of work, Hilde would invite everyone for a happy hour at the Oaken Hall, for everyone to rest and bring them together. It served as a place for reunions and celebrations since then, a custom of the Hrastfolk.

Great hall
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Archana

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