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Healing Potion

Bottled healing spell

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for helping with the brainstorm for the side effects


"C'mon, friend! A bottle of this delicious brew and you'll never remember you had a nasty cut on your chest! Buy it - take some to your travels and be sure you aren't dying to silly wounds!"
— a merchant announcing her healing potions

A bread-and-butter item in any adventurer's backpack, the healing potion is a liquid mixture that strengthens the regenerating properties of the body, healing wounds and fixing broken bones. While it does not substitute the company of a good healer, healing potions are sure an easy solution most adventurers opt for.


The healing potion was invented by Lélia Donnato, an Artalgnian medic who travelled to the Eastern lands and learned how to concoct the brew. She passed down the recipe before she was executed by the Envoys of Tiamat under the accusation of being a witch, and it consequently spread through the Empire and nearby lands.

Manufacturing process

The main ingredient for the healing potions are the white petals of the Twilight Lily, which store Light aether and therefore have healing properties. The petals are crushed with illicianis seeds and aloe vera gel, and treated with Light magic to strengthen their capabilities. Then, the paste is mixed with water to dissolve and yield more of the substance, which is stronger than necessary when pure. It is then left to brew for a few hours before it's ready to be consumed. It is common to have pomegranate added to the potion as well to give some color and good taste.

Side Effects

While it is quite safe to consume healing potions, it doesn't come without its caveats. Due to the small amounts of neurotoxins present in the ingredients, as well as the natural effects of Light magic, high doses may cause hallucinations and other complications in the short term. But even with a more moderate, but recurring usage, one's body might create a dependency to the potion in the long term, acquiring a condition known as Open Wounds.


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