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Crown of the Forefather

Symbol of the ruler of Archana


"I am the rightful ruler of this kingdom! The Crown has chosen ME!"
— Abraham II, King of Archana

The most valuable item of the royalty, the Crown of the Forefather once belonged to King Charles, and has been passed down to each ruler of Archana. It is said the crown holds the first king's soul, which judges whether the next ruler in line is worthy of the throne.


Forged to crown the first king Charles Maine, this item has been passed down to each and every ruler of Archana. It was named after Charles, whose title as a Hero of Archana is "The Forefather".

Bonded soul

While it is believed the Crown is a bonded item with the soul of Charles Maine, in fact, it is not. His soul was actually bonded to the Ward of the Sun, and the Crown has remained a common, albeit valuable, object.

Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Height: 21cm
Length: 20cm
Width: 17cm
Base Price
Raw materials & Components

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