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Beacons of Unity

Archana's fire-based invasion alert network


"The Beacons of Unity was a simple, but most effective concept. With Archana's alerting system now made much faster and more efficient, many invasions were successfully averted thanks to the timely arrival of the reinforcements."
— excerpt from Archana's History Books

Linking the entire Kingdom of Archana together, the Beacons of Unity are both a symbol of the unification of the land, and a system to quickly warn every city of an incoming invasion. It has aided the Steel Wardens on the border time and time again, ensuring that the reinforcements arrived as quickly as they could.


When Archana was founded, King Charles and his councilors devised a better way to prepare the kingdom for future invasions, and avoid that another siege at the border was successful. The beacon system was the answer, a fast way for the Wardens to send the message for reinforcements.


Whenever the Steel Wardens, defenders of the border at Fort Edgemourn, see an enemy army approaching, they can opt to light their beacon and warn the rest of the kingdom if they think they can't handle the threat alone. Once the fire is on, the nearby cities will be able to see the beacon in the distance, and they will light their own. As the chain reaction goes on, the entire kingdom will be alerted of the enemy in a matter of minutes. With this, each settlement may send all the reinforcements they can spare to the border to help the Wardens, or, in case the fire goes blue, they retreat and reinforce their own cities, as that means the enemy has breached the fort.

The Beacons

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