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Archana's Gazes

Official currency of the Kingdom of Archana

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for helping with the brainstorm for this article


"Sweet money... We forgot the true value of these coins! It united us and lead us to glory, and now we treat it as a villain."
— an ex-smith from the Craftsmen Guild

The Gazes are Archana's official currency, in use since the foundation of the Kingdom. It is distinct by its use of different gem powders in coins of each value.


The old coins used by the Nation of Nouvemond went under a heavy inflation when the Artalgnian Empire took over, since they overmined the gold in The Veins and overflowed the country with new coins. This left Archana broke when they gained their independence back, and to solve this problem, King Charles Maine and Cyrus Dunstan created a new currency, the Gazes, to rebalance the economy and have a stronger coin which is harder to produce, and inflate.

Physical Description

The currency can be divided into two types: electrum coins, which are called Gazes, and silver coins, called Squints. In each type, the coins are larger the higher their value, and each value bears markings of a different gem. On one side, is the value of the coin, while on the other, a unique symbol for each value. The cheapest coins of both types carry the symbol a serpent in a "U" shape, representing Bashmu, with the Eye of Tiamat in the center filled with an amethyst powder, which names the currency.

Economical Influence

The Gaze was one of the main factors responsible for the successful reascension of the Nation of Nouvemond as the Kingdom of Archana. It was thanks to this stronger currency that they were able to keep themselves stable enough to restart their economic activities, mainly exportation, bringing the nation to flourish once again.

Cultural Influence

Not only the economy, but this new currency helped to reignite the culture of Archana, who was now free from the Empire. They were slowly able to regain their trade-centric culture, once again becoming an international power. It was also a tool to better include the Hawkcliff Citadel in the Kingdom, who aided with the mining of the alloys and gems, and the production of the coins. Despite that, through the years and the crisis that Archana is going through, the appreciation of this currency has been dwindling, as the people blame the market for their calamitous state.

Item type
Currency & Deeds
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
  • 65% Gold
  • 32% Silver
  • 0.2% Copper
  • 0.1% Other metals
  • Negligible weight of gem powder

  • 94% Silver
  • 4% Copper
  • 2% Gold and other metals
  • Negligible weight of gem powder

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