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APV-5187, "Thunderclap"

Deadly pirate-hunting ship of the Huntmaster


"I been sailin' fer my whole life, seen these seas far an' wide. Been in all sorts of battles too - Krenjor, the Empire, you name it. But this.... This ain't like nothin' I seen. Yer mindin' yer own business, under the clear skies singin' an' all.... Then you hear a thuder an' all of a sudden yer ship's sinkin'. Then ya can bet... the Thuderclap gotcha in its sight."
— Frail Freddy, crew member of the Maelstrom

For a long time, the Rovers were allowed free access to Blackbourne and the Bay thanks to the treaty done by King Charles Maine. With the breaking of this pact recently, new measures had to be made in order to keep trespassing rovers away: the Blackbay Security Patrol was founded, and at its forefront was Thunderclap, the deadliest ship Archana has ever seen.


Weapons & Armament

Originally named "APV-5187", it didn't take long before the ship earned its nickname. Under the command of the Huntmaster, its cannons started being used in a rather different way. Instead of the Water cannons used by the other Patrol Vessels, the Thunderclap has unique Thunder cannons that, though the use of Rune Magic, fire cannonsballs at unprecedently high velocities followed by a distinct thunderclap, hence the nickname.

Armor & Defense

Like the other Patrol Vessels, the Thunderclap is plated in Adamant armor, but moreso than its lesser brothers. The entire ship is plated, even the masts, transforming the APV-5187 in a slow, but extremely dangerous foe.

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