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Rebellious group become pharmaceutical wing of the Artalgnian Empire

Special thanks to Allurys for giving the idea and doing most of the writing for this article


"Since we don't use magic to heal ourselves like in other countries, the Empire takes care of our health for us. They're so good to us!"
— an Artalgnian citizen

Responsible for the production and distribution of medicines and medical services in the Artalgnian Empire, the Apotheosis is an organization transformed from an old rebellious movement known as The God Eaters into subsidiary of their former enemy.


The truth about the civil war known as the Great Purge is very different than what is told. In reality, the God Eaters were not cultists, their objective was not to take control over the Empire, and they did not lose the war. It indeed began with the murder of Lélia Donnato, a well known and loved medic who was secretly using magic to heal people from all sorts of conditions. She was investigated and publicly executed for the crime of consuming Tiamat's essence.

A group formed by twelve of Lélia's closest friends and followers, armed with all of her knowledge, began to openly help the people out - the rich, the poor, it didn't matter, they helped every desperate ill person who needed their aid. This group spread Lélia's words, telling everyone that they should not fear or despise magic. Tiamat sacrificed herself for us, and it would be a dishonor and a waste to reject that.

People began to question what the Empire taught them, and an ideologic revolution was taking place. Naturally, the Empire couldn't allow that, and put on a hunt for these heretics, using force to stop the movement. For months, commonfolk and royal army warred, with countless victims. However, the more force that was used to repress the rebels, the more people joined their cause.

The Empire was forced against the wall by this situation. They could not allow this rebellion to go on, but slaughtering everyone who opposed them was not an option either, as it would only generate more and more riots. Facing the imminent loss of control over the people, the heads of Artalgne had the idea of a deal. They offered to the twelve leaders many riches and an opportunity to became part of the Empire. They would be responsible for every medical issue all over the country; they would be allowed to utilize their magic to create medicines, but with one condition: they should stop the war and vanish from the public eyes. To keep Lélia's cause alive and stop the bloodshed, they agreed.

For several years, the Empire worked behind the curtains to make the people forget about the civil war and the questions it raised, using every questionable method they could, including assassinations and undercovered influencer. In time, the story about Lélia and her followers was twisted, and the name God Eaters came to be.

Nowadays, the God Eaters is internally known as the Apotheosis, a secret organization working for the Empire. Every member is a descendant of the twelve original leaders, and the secret of the Purge is passed through generations and is restricted only to them. The Apotheosis has a great influence over the Empire, which does everything to please their needs and desires since they represent a huge threat by knowing the truth, and can't be rid of because Artalgnia's health division depends on them.

This eventually twisted the organization. Their cause was lost, but the war was won.

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