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Aeona Solus

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Editorial Team

250 years ago Valiance descended from the divine realms to lead the mortal races in a war against a great Enemy. The forces of the gods were victorious, but not without cost; vast numbers of mortals were slain, and whole areas of knowledge were lost, wiped from both the world and from living memory. The gods returned to their realms, but Valiance for unknown reasons chose to remain on Aeona Solus, taking direct rulership over the nation that became known as the Holy Empire.   There is a vast city, called Oathstone, built initially as a fortress city built by an unknown people ages before the rise of the current civilisations. 150 years ago explorers from the Veracity guild discovered the city. At the centre of the city, they found oaths and pacts inscribed on obelisks, concerning landmasses and nations, and it became clear that the oaths related to the state of the nations at that point. The oaths spoke heavily of preventing the nations from going to war again, so they could join together.