The Wrath of The Gods

Disaster / Destruction


The Gods' wrath is visited on Taldor.

Just as death claimed Philippe and Evangeline, Taldor was enveloped in brilliant light. As people gazed up, they saw what they first thought was the sun. Glowing, burning and coming closer and closer. It was clear that it was not the sun. It was the wrath of the Gods.
Panic seized the people as they tried to flee, but nowhere was far enough. With a force of impact that forever shattered the Taldor Empire, a mighty explosion of light, fire and smoke consumed Justa, burying the city and scorching the land for thousands of miles around.
To this very day, the former Taldor Imperial Province are almost uninhabited, called now only The Dust Reaches. What little life can remain there is corrupted and mutated. Those people who try and live there become sick, the hair falling from their heads and their teeth rotting in their mouths. It is said, that near the city of Justa, the shadows of the dead still linger, cursed to forever walk the graveyard of their empire.

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