Thornwall Bounties

Posted outside the Sheriff's Office is a list of bounties:

Varguille - 10 silver
Travellers have warned that a varguille is haunting the area, trying to kill passersby.

Urgothic Renegade’s Totem - 20 silver
Deserters from Azak Urgoth have been killing and robbing common folks on the streets
Any Whitetooth Goblin Tattoo - 1 copper
Whitetooth Goblins have haunted the countryside. They can be recognized by their distinctive tattoos of a white tooth.

Barghest’s Head - 40 silver

Ghoul Tongue - 5 silver each
Unburried corpses have caused ghouls to infest the land.

The head of Barock The Filthy and his pet Warg- 10 silver each
Barock the Filthy escaped from capture, slaying three guards and disappearing into the forest.

Redmane the Bear - 20 silver
Luis Valerio has promised a reward to anyone who can hunt and kill the mad bear Redmane. Talk to Luis for more details.


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