Staehl Barony

Lying in the shadow of the Shield Mountains, Staehl has grown ever strong. With precious metals from the old dwarven mines in the mountains and the bounties of the fields of its expanse, Staehl is as rich as its leaders are ambitious. The people of Staehl consider themselves the natural leaders of the Clipeum Provinces and gives little heed to what others may think of that.
Even their name lends itself to this; Staehl is not the kingdom - It is just one barony in what will, eventually, be a kingdom encompassing all the provinces.
Though the dwarves are a minority now, the people of Staehl remains greatly influenced by them, in culture as well as in their stubborn mindset.


Staehl is ruled by a baroness, who considers herself the sole authority in the land. Local rulers doesn't own the land they manage, but rather have bee delegated a portion of the Baroness' power temporarily. They usually carry titles like Viceroy if they are nobility or Mayor if they are not.
Despite the Baroness' insistence on holding onto power herself, there is a lot of nobles and courtiers in the Barony of Staehl, though their titles are usually less ostentatious than those of rivaling powers; Lord and Knight is the most common ones.


In the Occult Aeon, the Shield Mountains was home to the Dwarven Mountain King Mithral. After his death in the war against the Star Legionnaires, the dwarves slowly started abandoning the Shield Mountains, traveling to further Mountain Kingdoms or even moving in with the elven populations of the plains and forests. As the eons passed, the dwarven population mingled with the elven and created the human populations that would eventually populate the region. The old dwarven mines and halls fall to decrepitude and was forgotten.
After Taldor Emperors' union of their empire, Staehl became the seat of the Imperial Representative for the provinces. It was from here the word of the Emperors sprung and in this region, they grew proud of and accustomed to their rulership.
When the Taldor Empire fell, the Imperial Representative immediately declared herself Baroness and ruler of all of the Clipeum Provinces. Though the land she managed to conquer for herself was at first meager, her successors have been expanding it ever since. The Dornen Duchy was captured only forty years ago, by the last Baron, though the capital of Dornholme remains independent. It also remains a thorn in the eye of Staehl, as it blocks a key passage to both Leoren and Fenholdt.

Demography and Population

Humans 65% Dwarves 10% Gnomes 10% Halflings 5% Goblins 5% Others: 5%


The Staehl Military is well-paid, well-equipped and well-trained. They prefer heavy armor and disciplined formations to swift and flexible tactics, relying on their plate armor and shields to guard them against enemies with superior mobility.
Alchemical Weapons are implemented as special units. They remain a minority, but is rapidly being expanded by Force Commander Fenya Vanhel.

Technological Level

The Dornkeep Alchemical Academy has greatly boosted Staehl's technological levels, pushing it to the very forefront of development. Alchemical achievements are becoming ever more common in the homes of even common folk by the day.


Staehl has a breadth of religions, with its people especially devoted to the laborious god of Vulcan. Amaterasu, Iris and Marduk are similarly widely revered, with Amaterasu being a particular favorite amongst the nobility. In many ways, they see her guardianship against the enemies from the stars as allegorical for their own guardianship against the barbarians from the north.

Agriculture & Industry

Staehl is one of the wealthiest of the Clipeum Provinces, with a very diverse economy.
Stone and precious metals, especially silver, is mined from the mountains at the northern border, with a small amount of Sky Metals even being hewn from the old dwarven battlefields.
The fields of Staehl are bountiful, providing with meat, grains and vegetables in abundance.
In Dornkeep, a modest alchemical academy is the center of a small but thriving alchemical industry, producing various medicines and weapons for the Staehlians.


All major cities in Staehl have a public school, where citizens can send their children to be taught the basics of reading, writing, and maths. In smaller cities, a governess usually teaches the young ones once or twice a week.
For those willing to pay, more expansive education is available as well, with the pinnacle of education being at the Dornkeep Alchemical Academy. Despite its singular name, it has recently expanded to educate in both the natural and political sciences.


The roads of Staehl are well-maintained and messenger coaches run regularly from city to city with news and private letters both. Staehl sees relatively little banditry, with instances of it being harshly dealt with by the Baroness' soldiers.

"Superiority Gives Responsibility."

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Barony
Irene Staehl
Head of State
Irene Staehl
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Major Exports
Precious metals.
Luxury wares.
Grains and vegetables.
Alchemical products.
Major Imports
Official State Religion
The Pantheon
Controlled Territories


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