Ordo Templi

Ever operating in the shadows, the Ordo Templi protects the Taldor Provinces against threats that others can not. Despised and hated by many outsiders, held as responsible for the fall of Taldor and accused of everything from witchcraft to assassinations, the job of a Templar is seldom a grateful one.
Nevertheless, the Templars uphold their duty; To do what must be done.


The Ordo Templi is divided into individual Temples, operating largely independently of each other. The only supreme authority is held by the Grand Temple Master, whose position is granted by a vote by the individual Temple Masters.
Each Temple is lead by a Temple Master, who takes practical decisions for the Temple's functioning. The Temples are in general largely democratic, however, with every full Templar Sibling having an equal voice in large decisions.
While some variation exists, the Temples in general use the following ranks:
Temple Master.
Chapter Masters.
Templar Captain.
Templar Sibling.
Templar Initiate.

Public Agenda

The defeat of threats. The protection of all the Taldoran Provinces.


Known most commonly simply as The Templars, the Ordo Templi was originated by Emperor Justain himself, the first Emperor of the Taldor Empire. Being a holy man, Justain had fought bravely against dragons, monsters, and devils and he saw the need for an order who would root out evil hiding within the heart of his fledgling empire. Most importantly, the Templars would search and destroy worship of his most notable enemy, the Duke of Hell Mammon, also known as Hell's Ambassador.
For years, the Templars operated independently, outside of government and the clerical hierarchy, staying outside of political matters. Until the War of the False.
Finding that Mammon was about to place an Emperor on the throne who was in the claws of Hell, the Templars sided with Theodore The False's enemy, Friedrich.
While they successfully managed to drive Theodore out of Taldor, it was not without cost. The church had supported Theodore The False and the Templars had slain many high ranking clergymen in the war. Equally, nobles across the land saw the Templars as no longer politically neutral, but as competition for their games of power.
An opportunity Mammon would not let him slip by.
Slowly, his supporters infiltrated the courts and churches across Taldor and turned them against the Templars.
It finally boiled over when it was revealed that the Temple Master in the capital of Justa had been having an affair with Emperor Klaus' daughter.
The coming storm was terrible, as Temples were torn down, Temple Siblings burned at the stake and their riches plundered.
As it culminated, with the death of Temple Master Philippe and the Emperor's daughter Evangeline. As flames claimed them, a burning mountain fell on Justa, shattering the Taldor Empire forever more.

"Faith. Knowledge. Labor."

Founding Date
Secret, Brotherhood
Alternative Names
Templar Order, Siblinghood of Templars
Notable Members


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