Kingdom of Leoren

As young as it is proud, Leoren is a Kingdom forged with claw and tooth, fought for and held onto with strength and determination.
With its population one of the most diverse, Leoren still struggles to find its own identity, so far rallying around the victory of its own existence if nothing else.


Leoren is ruled by a King, though the current one is only the second to carry the title.
The king's power is largely supported only by the titles he has handed out to his supporters, a mix of whatever titles sounded most inspiring or majestic to those they were offered to. As such, Leoren has both Earls, Granddukes, Princes and even a single Vizier-General.
Nobility is given relatively free reign over their lands, but are expected to send both men and resources to the king's armies and coffers.


For a long time, Leoren was considered just a part of the Great Northern Forest, not a land in its own right.
This changed in the aftermath of the fall of Taldor. With chaos raging everywhere, mercenaries was in high demand as nobles fought tooth and nail for their land. Out of this mire of war emerged Sakan Bloodtooth, the leader of an unusually successful mercenary band.
Using his acquired wealth and strength of arms, he carved out a small area on the border of Fenholdt Fiefdoms and declared it his kingdom.
While it was poorly received in both Fenholdt and Staehl Barony, there was little either could do to stop them.

Demography and Population

Humans 45% Vesk 25% Goblins 15% Dwarves 5% Half-orc 5% Others 5%


The Leoren Military consists mostly of veterans and well-trained recruits, relying on their ferocity and tenacity to overcome their foes. While perhaps not the most unified military, their sheer diversity of tactics makes it impossible to make any consistently efficient tactics against their forces.
This diversity is also reflected in their equipment; Longbows and Bolt rifles stand side by side, launching arrows and flame equally.

Technological Level

Technologically, Leoren is as varied as in any other sphere of society. Some people live as if they had never heard of alchemy, while others can't imagine going through life, let alone war, without alchemical aid.


The Vesk influence over the nation has made the Paths of Bahamut the most important religion in the country, although everyone is allowed to pursue whatever gods they like.
Being a country of mercenaries, The Morrigan and Inari Okami are particularly well-liked, with Anansi and Diana often being offered prayers as well.

Agriculture & Industry

While not as developed as that of the Forest Realms of Enlans, Leoren has a growing timber industry, most supporting their own needs at the very least, with slowly growing trade with Fenholdt Fiefdoms.
Though new to farming, King Bloodtooth has offered land to any farmers willing to till the land and share their knowledge. This policy has attracted many farmers to the land and its agriculture is quickly blooming.


Leoren has little in actual educational facilities, with the notable exception of those for the profession of soldiering. Several mercenary companies have set up base in Leoren, where they gladly train new recruits in how to make things deader.


Upkeep of infrastructure is expected to be paid for by the nobles ruling the land, making for a varied degree of quality in the road network. One can step directly from a finely paved brick road into a muddy two-wheel track in Leoren. The exception to this is The King's Road, stretching from Anvil to Dornholme. This road is kept by the King and as well patrolled as it is maintained.

"Fight for what you want."

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
Occal Bloodtooth
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Major Exports
Major Imports
Luxury goods.
Alchemical Goods.
Official State Religion
Paths of Bahamut
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations


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