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Aeyune-Jibour Qualavalas

Aeyune-Jibour Qalavalasqua (a.k.a. Jib, Gibbet, Giblet, Featherfall, Wisp)

Aeyune-Jibour Qualavalas!

An exclamation more than a name, known for all the wrong reasons.

Who is he?
Ask the Sulatas Militia and you will hear he is a serial larcenist of the worst kind, one of their 'Most Wanted'. Reading between the lines I have always interpreted their vociferous reaction as rather exaggerated and defensive, given he has yet to be caught. Indeed, even a likeness to add to the Wanted Notices splashed around the city would likely improve their chances. Possibly.

Now ask the same of, how should I put this, of one who interprets the law in a more... relaxed manner and you will receive a colourfully punctuated tirade questioning his parental status at birth, suggesting more efficient arrangements of his various extremities, and bemoaning his lack of adherence to relative underworld ethics; effectively distilled down to 'don't shit in your own nest!' Suffice to say they also have an interest in discovering his identity.

The most fascinating responses though arise from a third category to be asked about his name; the citizens who have crossed paths with him in some manner. Their initially reports of theft are usually not lodged until a few days after the event in question, and even after a few days more their reaction to the thief is still somewhat mixed, there is consternation at the loss but no condemnation of the perpetrator, almost as though they would apologise to him for reporting him.

Few Details
I should express greater sympathy for the plight of the Militia I suppose however he has never endangered anyone as far as I can discern and he only removes what someone can afford to lose.

For this he has garnered a reputation here and there amongst the general populace as an honourably dishonest man.

There are scant details regarding his person as I have already mentioned but from various albeit hazy testimonies I would hazard he is on the short side of human, still relatively young, nimble and perhaps acrobatic given the ability to enter and exit premises without leaving any incriminating evidence or obvious signs of disturbance.

If his name is indeed Aeyune-Jibour Qualavalas then it would suggest a more exotic heritage, and while he may have been born in Sulatas it is also possible he found his way here, most likely hailing from the Western or Southern shores of the Meridian Ocean.

He must have some method of disposing of his ill-gotten gains beyond the traditional underworld channels given their animosity toward him.

I would also suggest an element of Manipulation ability, either inherent skill or some form of trinket that could be responsible for altering a victim's perceptions, leaning towards the more favourable end of the scale.

I am aware of various cognomens 'earned' by the thief; nicknames such as 'Jib' and 'Gibbet' possibly alluding to the old rope-encircled-neck approach to resolving differences or perhaps a crude corruption of his name, 'Giblet' likely a contortion of the aforementioned 'Gibbet', and then a handful which demonstrate a hint of respect such as 'Featherfall' and 'Wisp'.

Whatever his truth, I do confess a certain respect for his methods of operating, though I would caution him playing both sides against the middle most oft ends with you being squeezed.

Light grey
Shoulder-length, black with blue flashes at the forehead and sides
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light brown

Cover image: by Unsplash: Guillermo Ferla
Character Portrait image: by [small]Mark Robertson[/small]


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