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Aeolia is a warm, humid world mostly covered with ocean. Its lone continent is crisscrossed with giant canyons and rifts. Sheer cliffs, kilometers high, separate the windswept, grassy uplands and the lush, rainforested canyon floors. Carved out of the cliffs, halfway between the jungle and the plain, are the cities of the Aeolians.   The Aeolian people - Fliers, as they call themselves - are masters of genetic modification and biotechnology. Every Flier is a cyborg, with millions of tiny nanobots coursing through their bloodstream to protect, maintain, and repair their body - including the flight-capable, batlike wings that their distant human ancestors engineered them to have. (But what happens to those with disabilities or illnesses that nanites can't fix: the Aeolians who are not Fliers?)   Aeolia is the only inhabited world to never have undergone any form of information-destroying apocalypse. This explains their high technological capability compared to most civilizations of the galaxy. They guard their technological and informational advantages very closely, so there's no knowing for sure, but it's rumored that the Aeolians alone know the location of Old Earth.   Aeolian society is certainly space-capable, but very isolationist. A few Aeolians do venture off the homeworld, but they are viewed as odd by other Aeolians, and even they don't typically connect socially with people of other Strains (genetically modified human subspecies). They view their planet, Strain, and society as the ideal, and unflighted humans as lesser - beneath them, literally.

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