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Wunrerbad Village


The population of Wunrerbad is mostly made of Dwarves. However, some humans and goblins have also joined the tribe and live there permanently.


Wunrerbad is run by a single Chieftain and his advisors. The Chieftain is usually just the strongest Dwarf in the tribe, and his advisors are the richest residents of the Village. Nobody is allowed to challenge the Chief, they must speak their disagreement to his helpers and they can if they wish speak these concerns to the leader. There are very few laws in Wunrerbad Village, except that you do not challenge those stronger than you.


The whole village is surrounded by a circular wooden wall, guarded with frequent stone towers. The Main Gate is guarded by Dwarf warriors and the South Gate is guarded by random Village residents doing unpaid shifts. Wunrerbad Village has an excellent group of warriors in the form of the Wunerer Axe party. They are equipped with great equipment and strong armour. They all bear magic axes, and are led by Dolaror Kimdathon


The inhabitants of Wunrerbad Village resort to very Dwarvish jobs to make a living, such as smithery, mining and the Wunrer Axe party. Some human residents manage to grow vegetables and wheat, that, if grown well they can sell for lots of money in the shape of breads. Very few organised exports and imports are organised with Wunrerbad Village, but they do have an union with their sister village, Vapprithe Village, in which they trade Wunrerbad's Copper for Vapprithe's Wood.


Wunderbad Village boasts its Mountain Forge at the centre of the village, which uses natural magma to smelt items and make high quality weapons, tools and armour. From there the village expands along four main roads, towards the residential, trade, forge and work areas of the village.


Wunrerbad Village has a great supply of Mining Tools, Weapons and Armours, as they are sited next to one of the largest veins of Iron in the Ketamain Mountains. They also have a good supply of coal and copper from the Mountain, and some gold.

Guilds and Factions

The main faction in Wunrerbad is the actual governing power, the Wunrer Political Party. This group consists of the Chief and his advisors, and is practically dictatorship (although the leader doesn't use this power for evil). The only other opposing group is the Kepplon League, who dislike the chieftain and have started several minor riots in the past. The Village, however, was able to defeat the Kepplon League and they now live in their own section of the village.


Wunrerbad was formed shortly after the Elf-Dwarf war, around a pool of lava that could be used for excellent crafting. The Dwarves who founded it then built small structures around this pool as a centre, expanding into a small village. As the wealth that the lava brought was spread as rumours throughout the Dwarvish tribes, more Dwarves and even Humans and Goblins came to stay in search of prosperity and riches. However they were only greeted by civil unrest between the left wing Kepplon League of dwarves and the right with Wunrer political party.   Eventually the two sides broke into street fighting, and broke a lot of the village, but when the Wunrer political party won, the Kepplon League were allowed to stay in an isolated corner of the village, and never touch the lava well. During this outbreak, some of the lava had been lost, and so a special building was formed around it to preserve the hot liquid.   Since then, little has happened. The Kepplon League still dislikes Wunrerbad's leadership, and Humans, Dwarves and Goblins all gather in the prosperous village to trade and get rich off the surroundings.


The architecture of Wunrerbad Village is very simplistic, consisting of simple wooden structures and occasionally stone buildings, in a very nordic style. Where possible small additions are made, and the village residents love to decorate their homes and markets with art of the Dwarf Gods.


Wunrerbad Village is a very rocky and harsh area, with small mountains/large stalacmites protruding from the earth. A large rocky mound marks the centre of the village where the lava well can be found, and a mountain peak also stands to the south east of the village, marking the main gate. There is little vegetation, as no dirt can be found, however a river runs just outside the village walls, and a few small structures have been set up at it's nearest point.

Natural Resources

The centre of the village is home to a large mass of lava, which is used for smelting some of the resources in the area. Wunrerbad Village also sits on one of the largest iron veins in all the Ketamain Mountains, and much copper can be found in the area too. The tunnels that lead out from the stronghold, mine and lava pool also have lots of these resources, as well as some gold and cobalt resouces. Many wild animals like cattle, sheep and pigs live in the nearby areas around Wunrerbad, which is excellent for hunting, and some humans have managed to grow wheat and simple vegetables in some of the lower elevations.
Alternative Name(s)
Wunrerbad, the Wun
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Ketamain Mountains
Characters in Location
Wunror Dreseninn

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