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Aelleryon, the eternal world, older than what any living memory has seen, older than what any text has written, having seen rising and falling countless numbers of kingdoms and people, and this during millenia. It is a world in permanent evolution, immersed in a furious dynamism, where no one can possibly predict what tomorrow will be made of.

It is a world mainly dominated by humans, who rose to power by forging countless kingdoms on the fall of their elven and dwarven predecessors, long ago. And all the same as those before them, they kept dividing themselves and killing themselves for power and influence.
War has been for a long time the core of the dynamics of Aelleryon, which is why the current era is truly unique. Indeed, for more than a decade, there has been global peace, even though the balance is extremely frail. And while no one truly believes that the peace will, it still offers new insights and new opportunities. Some people have big interests in making this peace last, while some others see in it the perfect moment to challenge the internal balance of their country.

And while the human world is boiling silently like the calm before the storm, the dwarven kingdoms are preparing a last attempt in showing the world that dwarves are still powerful, after the unexpected and traumatizing fall of the millenia old dwarven city of Barakh'Dar at the end of a horde of savage orcs. In the meantime, remaining elven societies are divided more than ever on the question of integrating more with the humans or keeping the isolation.
Interests are colliding, alliances are shifting, societies are evolving, traditions are confronting innovations, questions are unanswered, such is the world of Aelleryon at the current time. No one knows what tomorrow will be like, but everyone knows atleast that it will be very different from today.
Welcome to Aelleryon.
-----------   This is a personal project of worldbuilding. It has no specific mean other than just putting words to what's on my mind. But feel free to read as much as you like!