Loyalty's Cloth

The signature black robe worn by all members of Black Apophis at one point or another. Using spells only known by other members, this symbolic garb is quite literally fashioned from the member's devotion to the dark Goddess Qaithyl. The robes serve no physically defensive purpose, but are incredibly adept at defending the wearer against any unwanted magic, psyonics, or metaphysical assault.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Upon full acceptance into the cult, the Initiate is instructed to stand in the center of a large sigil burned onto the floor of a magically sealed chamber. They are then asked to completely disrobe, slowly and deliberately, and to imagine shedding away all ties to the current world: their wants, their desires, their physical possessions, their relationships, their current goals, etc.
As the Initiate disrobes and mentally cuts their ties to the world, the sigil begins to glow brighter and brighter, and the Initiate falls into a trancelike state. A black miasma begins to cascade from their eyes and mouth like a dark waterfall, before fashioning itself into the iconic black robe of a true, eternally devoted Qaithylite.

Manufacturing process

  1. Loyalty's Sigil is charged
  2. Initiate stands in center of Sigil
  3. Initiate begins to disrobe completely and slowly, while simultaneously imagining themselves shedding worldly ties
  4. Trance is induced by Sigil when Initiate is bare
  5. [UNKNOWN]
  6. Black mist pours from Initiate's mouth and eyes; becomes robe. Initiate dons mask if in possession
  7. Robe is complete


The physical manifestation of the Qaithylite's unwavering loyalty to their Goddess
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Subtype / Model
Owning Organization
Exceedingly rare; can only be worn by Qaithylites
1.78 lbs / 0.807 kg
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
  • Loyalty's Sigil (charged)
  • Strong devotion to Goddess Qaithyl
  • Apophis Mask (optional)


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