Black Apophis

A group of diverse and otherwise disparate individuals bound together by their intense devotion to the dark Goddess Qaithyl and her machinations. From petty robberies to assassinations and initiating entire wars, they will do whatever it takes to see their Goddess's ambitions realized, thus securing they're spared the torment that will follow what they believe is her inevitable conquering of all of existence.


Black Apophis is typically structured as follows:
  1. High Speaker
  2. Avatar of Wrath, Avatar of Love, Avatar of Lust, Avatar of Knowledge, Avatar of Foresight
  3. High Cultists
  4. Cultists / Cult Specialists
  5. Initiates
  6. Dregs


Qaithylites live solely to serve their Goddess. They do not want or desire beyond that. To them, the world is nothing more than the next conquest for Qaithyl. This is not to say that they are single-minded, however. Qaithylites tend to share their Goddess's curiosity, and thus like to learn all they can about the world in order to more efficiently conquer it. They will pose as everyday citizens in order to learn how the average person lives their lives. They will pose as politicians to learn about how the world works on a grander scale. They will pose as scientists, engineers, and magicians to learn of things outside the scope of the average person's purview. All of this in the name of their Goddess.

Public Agenda

The Black Apophis cult aims to conquer the world, though not for themselves. They wish to place the world in the hands of the dark Goddess Qaithyl, whom they believe will restore the world to it's intended order. they devote their lives, afterlives, artificial lives, and undeaths to this sole cause.


The true number of assets owned by the B.A.C. are unknown even to the most diligent of shadow organizations, for they hide themselves well. This includes weaponry, armor, and whatever else they own that may pose a threat to the world at large. So far, they are known to have a very popular temple tucked away within the northern mountains of Valria-Major, where some members live and others make yearly pilgrimages to. Rumors have circulated that this location houses a library of long-forgotten books, banned tomes and textbooks, and a wide array of secret documents stolen or copied from countries or other entities, thanks to the cult's large number of planted members and espionage specialists.

We follow our Goddess beyond death. The Worlds will follow suit, by her whim.

Founding Date
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Black Apophis Cult, B.A.C., Tri-X, Black Cult, Unknowns, the Misguided
Leader Title
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Legislative Body
The High Speaker presents the rules of the B.A.C., given to them by the Goddess Qaithyl. If any rules are to change, the High Speaker is the first to know about it and the one to officially instate the change.
Judicial Body
The High Speaker and at least 2 Avatars. The High Speaker can invoke the Goddess to also preside over certain matters
Manufactured Items
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