Aegimius Project Spector / Atlas issue

Project Spector / Atlas issue



The Relentless Hounds of the Sea , along with some of the The Heist Corporation head to Project Spector to rescue researchers and discover what the project is really about.

The party is sent up to Project Spector, a space station found situated between the moons of Astoria and Archeart. One on Spector with Abraxas, Stein, Otto, Velvet, Gowther, and Nori, they realize the 26 residents that are supposed to be on the station, including one of Abraxas's siblings Devon, are missing, having been taken to Atlas, the base on Archeart.  A droid is fought, and the Relentless Hounds of the Sea are sent to Atlas alone, according to Nori and Abraxas, as Mystra's insistence.    The Hounds are able to successfully rescue the 26 individuals and "defeat" the droid on Atlas, but it seems that it will come back to haunt them another day.     Party learns about Laness, Donhelia and Devon.

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