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The Punny Emporium - Arazar

A magic shop in Arazar that seems to be run by a mirror image or hologram, no one really knows, named DeathtoAll. Every morning there is a new riddle on the shop door and the first patron who can solve the riddle gets one item in the shop for free.

While the shop portrays a vast amount of wierd objects, most are just images. At one time the shop only ever has eight items in stock, not including the Fairy Wing Armor the Arazar shop keeps in stock due to the city's high population of Fairies.

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Punny Emporium

Roll the Dice
1a small pair of shoes, that fit a child normally, that glow with a dull light (like a torch) for the fairya small pair of shoes that glow with a dull light50 gpUncommon
2flask of holy water that never runs out, but only first time each day heals a person 1 d4 hit pointssilver flask30 gpUncommon
3vial of unicorn blood - able to destroy any curse instantly, but reduces the person down to 1 hpsmall vial containing a silvery metalic liquid20000 gpVery Rare
4cursed shoes that bite onto the wearer dealing 10hp stabbing damage, but they allow the wearer to fly at will. the shoes come off by tickling the sole of the shoe and making the shoe laughbeautiful gold and silver shoes40000 gpVery Rare
5a belt buckle that holds a spell of the wearers choosing,, However, to activate it the wearer has to sing the spells name, it holds one spell per week,a bronze belt buckle that has musical notes engraved on it40000 gpVery Rare
6a brush that allows you to disguise yourself as something else. you gain that things hp abilities etc, but can only be used on things the user has seen and knows the name of (e.g. hobgoblin) can only be used once per day but only works for 2ha wooden hair brush60 gpCommon
7a doll that acts as a decoy for damage if the damage would kill the player. its called the Marytra porcelin doll that looks like you200000 gpLegendary
8a two headed gold coin, that allows once a day the player to choose a dice roll resulta gold coin70 gpCommon
9a mace with a hidden compartment inside that constantly coats the mace in poisona iron mace with a black leather handle275000 gpLegendary
10a simple stick that always points to the nearest source of watera stick250000 gpLegendary
11the top half of a turtle shell that when turned upside down fills with a random fluid (magical and non magical) can be used repeatedly but only creates 1 flask of the liquid ever and it never repeatsa brown and orange turtle shell50 gpCommon
12A jack in the box that grabs the opponent and tries to pull it inside the box, if it succeeds (has to roll 15-20 on a d20) it does 30 points bludgeoning damage and poisons the victim.a colorful box with a bronze handle on the back that can turn15000 gpRare
13a single red feather that when rubbed on a piece of wood, instantly causes it to burst into flamea red feather50000 gpVery Rare
14a small rock that moves on its own like its alive, it can attack but uses itself as bludgeoning damage, more damage it does the bigger it gets until there are no enemies lefta rock approximately 5 round20 gpUncommon
15a candle that burns a cold flamea blue candle50 gpCommon
16a ring that allows the wearer to shrink down (not enlarge) to any size below the users original size, when used again it re enlarges them to their correct sizea golden ring with a purple heart on it30 gpUncommon
17a tiara that tightens itself to the wearers head but increases the wearers wisdom by 4 points, but reduces their strength by the samea simple silver tiara with light blue saphires in it30000 gpVery Rare
18an apple that when eaten fill the persons hunger, but makes them incredibly thirsty for the next 2ha deep red apple20 gpCommon
19a dagger made from the tooth of a hydra that can petrify an enemy on a nat 20 roll attacka dagger made from a large tooth18000 gpRare
20a special cube that has arcane sigils on each side, when rolled it does different effects based on what side lands upA 20 sided object with arcane sigils on each side15000 gpRare
21powder of darkens that instantly plunges the room into pitch blackness (can be used 20 times)a black pouch that feels to contain some sort of powder20 gpCommon
22a bracer that has a blue sapphire embedded in it that gives cold damage to the wearers weapon (1d8)a silver bracer with a blue sapphire embedded on it30 gpCommon
23A ordinary looking glass vial that sucks undead into it to be used and commanded at the owners will (only ghost like forms)A glass vile with a label that has the figure of a spirit on it100000 gpLegendary
24a small curved horn of a goat that when blown through, causes a small tornado that causes an enemy to either become prone dizzy or stands their ground.a goat's horn3000 gpRare
25a cloak that is cursed and slowly tightens its grip on the wearers neck every day until day 7 it kills the owner, however it causes the wearer to be invisible while worna dark gray cloak20 gpUncommon
26an enchanted set of leather armor that is completely fire and frost proof and causes the owner to take no fire or frost damage(edited)leather armor20 gpCommon
27a cloak that has concealer pockets on its inside to help carry and extra 5 (insert specific item here)a burgandy cloak40000 gpVery Rare
28a cursed chestplate that reflects damage back at an enemy but deals double damage to wearer(edited)a heavy metal chestplate60 gpUncommon
29a ring of gold that makes the wearer become blurred so attacks can miss easiera gold ring13000 gpRare
30a mirror that acts as a shielda golden hand mirror17000 gpRare
31a shield that when struck by a weapon, sends a shockwave back into the weapon holders arma metal shield that has faint yellow markinngs40 gpUncommon
32a bomb that when thrown explodes itching powder round the area causing all enemies to drop their weapons and scratch the itchesa small round bomb50000 gpLegendary
33a pile of moss that has different magical properties depending on what they placed on. on normal rock it does nothing, on water it forms a bridge that can hold up to 200lbs in weight, on a jewel it enchants it with magical properties, on armour and weapons it repairs it and on skin/scales/feathers it slowly grows larger until it engulfs it and starts to dissolve it (caution wear gloves if handling)a pile of moss300000 gpLegendary
34a lone shoe that when tipped upside down it drops 1d20 gold, each day. the other shoe is linked to another dimension that if things are dropped in are lost forevera single glass shoe30 gpUncommon
35a bottle of dew captured from the moonglow flower from the early dawn after a full moon night. the dew has properties to double the effect of any magical item/effect.... it doesn't work on spells sadly.a bottle containing a sliver dew40000 gpVery Rare
36A war hammer made of dwarfen iron that has a face on both sides of it. one face talks it the head of the hammer is touched by skins. the hammer was owned by by a wizard who collected many magical items so it has a vast knowledge of arcane objects and of the arcane arts.(edited)a war hammer made of dwarven iron with a face on each side3000 gpRare
37a blank rock mask that when a face is drawn on it, makes everyone in a 20ft radius have that expression on their face.a blank rock mask70 gpCommon
38a stilletto dagger that when touched raises the holders dex by 2 d6, however when held they cant attack same turn using the dex boosta dagger that looks like a stilletto30 gpUncommon
39a helmet that allows the wearer to see in the dark, as clear s if it is day time, but blinds others in a 5ft radius of ita simple iron helmet30000 gpVery Rare
40A music sheet that has notes written on it in blood. the sheet when played makes the player take 1d6 damage and more notes appear. after 5 plays of music, the sheet fills up with music and when played for a final time allows the player to kill and 5 enemies instantly by making there blood seep pout there body (doesn't work on end game bosses)(edited)a piece of paper containing sheet music written in blood60 gpUncommon
41a hood that completely hides the wearers face, even if light is held right up to the hood.a blue hood40 gpCommon
42a thimble that allows the wearer to sew weapons and armor back together fixing them as if there was nothing wrong (comes with infinite thread)a silver sewing thimble250000 gpLegendary
43a simple stick that had a jewel embedded half way down it. if the jewel is touched directly the person touching it takes 2d8 force damage as a magic pulse blast through them and anyone in a 10ft radius around it. however, if the stick is used as a staff, it can throw the pulse 20ft forward making enemies pronea simple stick with a black diamond embedded half way down3000 gpRare
44a tooth pick that came from a wizard staff that has the power to grow and shrink at the holders will,a small sliver of wood50000 gpVery Rare
45A small plain wooden cup that when held fills up with an alcoholic beverage of the holders choice, however the down side is the hangover is 10times worse the following day resulting in all rolls having to be rolled twice and lowest result takena small plain wooden cup175000 gpLegendary
46A small piece of, paper with a plant inside that when lit makes people in a 10ft area feel calm and relaxed. Does not affect the holder of the paper.A small piece of rolled paper6000 gpRare
47A mithril sword that when it hits and enemy makes a noise of an animal. The animal depends on what’s hit. The noise confuses the enemy and makes it roll at a disadvantage for confusionA mithril sword30000 gpVery Rare
48A miniature sphere that is able to tell the weather on the surface of the world. On a rainy day a small rain cloud appears raining, foggy it fills with fog, sunny it glows, clear but cloudy it appears empty, hail or snow a snowflake appears toa small glass sphere. Inside you see (todays weather)6000 gpRare
49A small ornate door handle that when put on a door, allows the user to open a portal to a different Location must be somewhere the user has been before. It can also only be used twice a day, once there and once back only.A small ornate door handle70 gpCommon
50A small wooden box that is empty. However on the bottom of the box is an infinite symbol. An item placed in the box can be duplicated, however the enchantment in the shape of the infinite symbol must be said. The duplication does not work on magical artefacts or on moneyA small wooden box.70 gpCommon
51A necklace made of forged iron that has barbs on it. It does reduce the wearers hp by 2 points while worn, however it also gives the wearer the ability to inflict 1d6 extra stabbing damage on any weapon used as spikes come out of the weapon and disappear after the attacka necklace with iron barbs on it20 gpCommon
52A quill that has infinite ink flowing in it. It has to be placed into water to recharge though once a fortnighta quill made from a griffin feather20000 gpVery Rare
53A small fake stone that has a vial of poison hidden inside that does 2d20 poisoning damage. The poison then takes over the poisoned individuals body and makes them under the stones holders control until the poison has been cured by magical meansa 3 stone50000 gpVery Rare
54A metal gauntlet embed with the power of wind. When worn and held out in front palm outwards a blast of wind shoots out and is able to knock its foe off its feet may also be used for other purposes. Provides medium defenseA metal gauntlet17000 gpRare
55A cursed hood that makes the wearer appear as a skeletona black hood2000 gpRare
56A small black onyx gemstone imbedded into a diadem that allows the wearer to travel in shadows literallya silver diadem with a small black onyx gemstone embedded in it300000 gpLegendary
57A small water bottle, that is filled with water that dehydrates those that drink from ita small water skin20 gpCommon
58A small bag of endless herbs that can be used to make a drink that does different effects based on a 1d4 roll. 1 is a healing potion for a 1d8 , 2 is a lovely hot drink that fills the person with warmth, 3 is for a drink that fills the drinker with luck giving them advantage on their next roll and 4 makes a potion that when drunk causes the individual to become clumsy and rolls at a disadvantage on their next rolla small bag of herbs20 gpCommon
59A small cooking pot that doesn’t need a fire to boil the contents inside.a Cooking pot, looks to hold about 16 oz of liquid30000 gpVery Rare
60a small metal innocuous dagger that when held by anyone other than those it deems worth (roll 1d20 and 15+ deems worthy) inflicts them with the urge to stab themselves with the knife dealing 1 d10 damage and also 1 d6 poisoning damage. the dagger has poison built into it and never runs out due to magical meansa small iron dagger150000 gpLegendary
61a magical helmet that allows the wear to talk to others through telepathyA iron helmet30000 gpVery Rare
62a cursed hand of an orc that is mounted on a wooden stand. the hand can move as if it is individually alive, but if it touches something alive, it starts draining the health from them. 1d6 per turn. either it kills what it hold onto or after it does 30hp damage the hand splits into a second hand and can do the same as the first. the original hand then turns into golda moss green hand that looks to be from an orc200000 gpLegendary
63a small leather sac that cannot be opened no matter how strong the wielder, if the bag is cut in any way, the damage the bag takes happens to the holder of the bag.a small leather sack70 gpCommon
64a bow of silver with a unicorn tendon for the string. any shot from the bow will be imbued in arcane properties. (1d4) a 1 results in a fire arrow being shot out removing any other effects from the arrow doing (1d6 fire damage) A 2 results in the enemy immediately being petrified for 3 turns. A 3 results in holy damage being added to the arrow shot adding 1d20 damage. A 4 results in the arrow failing to fire and stabbing the shooter in the foot doing 1hp damagea bow of silver with a shining string30 gpUncommon
65a crown of gold that if wore fuses to the wearers head doing half their current health in damage (perm until removed) and can only be removed by holy water, however, the crown allows the wearer to turn into something natural at will. e.g can become a tree and revert back, can be a rock and revert back.a golden crown20000 gpVery Rare
66A cursed hairpin that when a certain phrase is said sets the wearer on fire.....a crimson hairpin60 gpCommon
67a small teddy bear toy. If it gets damages a small ghost child appears and attacks the person who damaged ita small teddy bear toy5000 gpRare
68A ruby called 'Dragon's Eye' that has fire abilities imbued into it. If held by a human it makes them immune to all fire and lava damage. If held by a dragonborn, it strengthens their abilities allowing them to roll with advantage for their abilities. If anyone else wields it, they feel possessed to go to the nearest source of immense heat and throw themselves ina ruby7000 gpRare
69A small flute made from a dead snake. When played snakes are summoned to attack an enemy. the snakes are corporeal in vision and cannot be damaged. they last for 3 turns in a battlea flute made from a dead snake250000 gpLegendary
70A skull of a mouse that when held and thinking of cheese, the holder transforms into a mouse. can be undone by thinking of family/friendsa mouse skull150000 gpLegendary
71A gold chain that when worn makes the wearer endlessly hungry and want to eat anything it can. it doubles the wearers strength however they have disadvantage on every roll as they have hunger painsa gold chain necklace40000 gpVery Rare
72A small glass that when a fluid is put inside of it, makes the first person who sees it want to drink it no matter what.a small glass challice50000 gpLegendary
73a small ukelele that when played creates images of things called coconuts to appear. that's it... what do you want? an item that always does something useful?a small ukelele19000 gpRare
74A miniature set of fairy wing covers that when worn by a fairy give it extra armor, whilst still allowing it to easily use it wings. Gives same level protection as if the covers were forged steelA miniature set of fairy wing covers125000 gpLegendary
75A statue with a large phallus. when touched the statues phallus lengthens and attempts to strangle the person who touched it. (avoidable if gloves worn)A ceramic statue of a large phallus10000 gpRare
76A broadsword that has a very thin and flat handle. when used in battle or carried in hand, the handle cuts the owners hands doing 1d6 damage to the   However the actual blade of the sword is imbued with lightning and fire abilities on each side, so attacks do both lightning and fire damage. 1d6 for each of extra damagean iron broadsword with a thin flat handle.10 gpUncommon
77A miniature chest of drawer. it small enough for a fairy to use at home. however if something is placed in it, it is duplicated.a miniture cest of drawers made of oak18000 gpRare
78a pendant in the shape of a crescent moon made of pure white marble. when worn it causes the wearer to faintly glow a white light around them.white marble crescent moon on a gold chain40 gpCommon
79A cursed idol of a creature called a 'elaf unt' made of solid gold. When touched by a person the person immediately loses the use of their arms and the curse can only be removed by touching the idol with their handa gold idol of an elephant30 gpCommon
80A necklace with a small piece of slate in the shape of a heart. If worn, it takes half of the wearers hp and stores it inside the necklace. when the slate is broken, the hp is restored back to the   after 1 day the slate mysteriously remakes itself on the necklacea slate heart on a silver chain30 gpCommon
81A crown made of branches. when worn, the person walking can create any flower or plant they want to appear in front of them (more difficult plants may want die rolls)an interwoven crown of branches50000 gpLegendary
82A handle from a long broken sword that looks battered and filthy. when held a spiritual sword appears out of the handle and acts just like a broadsword but at the weight of a handle. the blade of the sword damages as if it is real.a battered and filthy sword handle50 gpUncommon
83A bag of gold that when the gold is touched, the person gets cursed. The curse makes the person blind. this curse will last for 2 days. it cannot be undone. if a second person touches the gold, they become blind instead and the timer resets. If the gold is removed from the bag, the curse remains until the gold is back in the bag, which is when the timer begins from. if the bag is damaged, the person who last touched the bag gets hit by arcane energies doing 2 d20 damage.a bag of gold50000 gpVery Rare
84a small stone tablet that contains information on one specific thing that the holder wishes to see. only works once per person ever. its called the informationarya small stone tablet200000 gpLegendary
85A golden suit of heavy plate armour thar if worn turns the wearer to heavy plate armor4000 gpRare
86a small golden relief of a bee. the relief seems to move as if the bee is alive. its so hypnotic that the people who see it become transfixed and distracted.a small bee relief50000 gpLegendary
87A piece of paper with an unknown arcane symbol that has never been seen before. When held and crumpled up, the person who crumpled the paper crumples up taking bludgeoning and crushing damage doing 2 d20 damage. when the paper unfolds the person unfolds.a piece of paper with an unknown arcane symbol60 gpUncommon
88A deer horn that has been used to make a lyre. This lyre has the ability to summon natural animals to the player. they just get summoned there, they are NOT under the control of the playera lyre made from some sort of bone40000 gpVery Rare
89A bag with random pipes coming out of it that when touched makes a deafening wailing noise and damages those in a 5ft area doing 1d6 damage.a plaid bag with pipes coming from it175000 gpLegendary
90A small silver serving tray with a face embedded in it. when asked a question the face will answer truthfully. the face is that of a long dead queen 'LAT EEFA'a small silver serving tray with a face embedded on it60 gpUncommon
91a small slingshot made of the branches of a legendary tree. when something is fired from the slingshot, the slingshot binds itself to the holder and also fires the holder in that directiona slingshot made of yew60 gpUncommon
92a small hand mirror, that shows how the person would look if they were an animal (the holder chooses)a silver hand mirror50 gpUncommon
93a pair of shoes that can change size depending on the holder, that when worn give an extra 2d6 roll on any stealthinga pair of golden shoes50 gpUncommon
94The number '69' made of forged magic steel. when placed on the room of a door, it allows the person to enter the room and the entire room is upside down. everything in the room is upside down but acts as if it is normal.the number 69 made of steel20 gpUncommon
95A small metal fork with a diamond in its handle. when held it makes the holder want to compulsively stab things doing 1d6 damage. if there is nothing else living around, they stab themselves with it instead.a small metal fork with a diamond in its handle50000 gpVery Rare
96A small black cat statue called 'elgato'. at night the statue comes alive and acts as a guard for the party as a warning system of intruders. the cat is also highly mischievous and will try to hide smaller objects and will bring dead small creatures to the owner of the statuea black cat statue20 gpCommon
97A spiders web that is made of steel and hung on a chain. when the web hits an object it sticks to it as if it real. it can be used to hold up to 200lbs in weight. the web unsticks at the holders willa steel spiders web necklace50 gpCommon
98a small innocuous cloth that when placed on an item can make it instantly disappear from reality. when the owner wishes it it reappears. it called the DISH APPEAR CLOTHa small brown cloth30 gpCommon
99A small glowing goblet. when held by a person, they feel compelled to fill the goblet with blood. when the goblet is filled, the holder then is compelled to drink it. the blood then slowly turns them undead over 3 days unless they visit a place of worship of some kinda small darkly glowing goblet175000 gpLegendary
100A wooden sword made from a tree. The sword when stabbed into the ground can grow fruits of any kind (within reason) from its handle, 1d6 roll for the number of fruit.a simple wooden sword75000 gpLegendary
101A small box labelled 'Instant Camp' that when opened appears 3 tents and a lit campfire.a small box labeled instant camp70 gpCommon
102A small box labelled 'Instant CAMP' that when opened curses a magical person (CAMP) in the nearby vicinity nullyfying all their magic for 2 daysa small box labeled instant camp30 gpUncommon
103A small box labbeled 'Instant Cam' which when opened allows the holder to see one place they want to see without being detected.a small box labled Instant Cam70 gpCommon
104A small figure of a skeleton with a scythe in its hand. When held it summons a giant spiritual scythe to appear and slice at an enemy doing 4d20 damage and if it kills an enemy it duplicates the statuea skeleton figurine with a sythe in it's hand100000 gpLegendary
105a bag labelled 'Pixie dust' in which the powder s just dust. the bag however is magical as it creates endless dusta light blue bag lablled Pixie dust275000 gpLegendary
106a set of maracas that when shook give everyone in a 10ft vicinity 2 inspiration rolls '2 d10'a set of beautiful wooden maracas30 gpCommon
107A sword of holy power does additional 1d6 damage against undead. However it has to be awakened first by being held by the person for 24h (can just be carried in scabbard) and it also has to be held up to the sun once a week for an hour to recharge its holyness. iif it deosnt recharge it lowers its bonus damage to 1d4an etheral sword that shins dim light.225000 gpLegendary
108a maroon colourd carpet that when stepped on curls up around the thing that stepped on it and restrains it unless a check of strength higher than 20 is achieveda maroon colored carpe40000 gpVery Rare
109A pair of brass knuckles that are called thoughts and prayers can only be worn by a cleric. Attunement is required.a pair of brass knuckles17000 gpRare
110Aloe Vera dagger that does cutting damage but also heals. Depends on the skill of the user it can heal more than hurt. Only used by people with high plant skillsa green dagger that looks like the leaf of an Aloe Vera plant20000 gpVery Rare
111A robe of dressing that allows the wearer to appear to be wearing any item of clothingA simple brown robe30000 gpVery Rare
112A small mirror that allows the holder to see through another mirror. however the other mirror has to be linked by saying rorrim to it whilst holding the mirror. only links to 1 mirrora small silver mirror300000 gpLegendary
113A weighted blanket that keeps the user calm, but if taken away reveals a user possessed by a demon that will rampage until the blanket it taken back or until the demon is exerciseda blanket40000 gpVery Rare
114Glasses that show the location of traps and how to deactivate them, in order to take glasses off, he must look at his reflection in the mirror, if he sees something round in the mirror, he starts to be afraid of everything that is round. For every round object he sees he makes ....... (glasses are round)a pair of glasses50000 gpLegendary
115A miniture barrel of ale labelled 'Unicornicopia' when ingested the ale gives the player advantage on agility based rollsa mini barrel of ale labelled Unicornicopia275000 gpLegendary
116a potato that when put in a dark place, duplicates itself once every houra potato60 gpUncommon
117A water skin that will keep its contents the same temperature as when it was put inside. so if cold water was put n, even if it was thrown in a volcano, the water would stay cold.a water skin75000 gpLegendary
118A glass eye that hen used in place of a real eye, can allow the wearer to become blurry to all viewersa glass eye30000 gpVery Rare
119Kitten Krazy - A powder that when added to a liquid makes kittens suddenly appear. the kittens have 1hp each and are pretty much useless. They act and can live to be like real cats. (geat for distractions) (3d20 number of kittens spawned)a pouch lablled Kitten Krazy100000 gpLegendary
120THE 100 platinum special - A special metal tin. looks small and innocuous and doesn't register as a magic item, however, when money is put inside it doubles the money put inside (only works once a week (in game time)) the money duplicated is legal tender and is usable. Only one of its kind in the world. The tin is 10 inches by 10 inches by 5 inches deep.A small metal tin 10x10x5275000 gpLegendary
121A small fruit called a tomatoe that has grown in the shape of a toe and looks realistic.a toe shaped small red object20000 gpVery Rare
122A helmet that when worn destroys the rest of the armour the player is wearing by deteriorating it. if the item isnt taken off within 5 seconds, the player is left nude except for the helmet and the armour is destroyed. The helmet cannot be uncursed and is made of a golden bronze materiala golden bronze helmet300000 gpLegendary
123A picture book with art thats been drawn so lifelike, if the word on the page is read aloud, the animal is spawned. the bigger the animal, the harder it is to spawn ita picture book50000 gpVery Rare
124the instant trapdoor, a small box that when opened and put on the ground, magically turns into a trap door that can be opened to access areas. (do not use on normal ground unless u wanna die by lava - said Burn Twick.)a small box approxamitly 2x3x450000 gpLegendary
125A small vial of snow that never melts. The snow is just like normal snow in every other way. useful for helping cool things downa small vile filled with white suff70 gpCommon
126A plain piece of paper that when a name of a place is said, produces a map of that area as it was at the dawn of the day. only works on things where maps would be used cannot be used for lik sarah's bedrooma plain piece of paper20 gpUncommon
127A small abacus that when held and used, increases wisdom and intelligence by 10a small abacus20 gpCommon
128a tiny dancing cactus plant in a pot. If the pot or cactus is touched the person touching makes a (dex, con, wis) save (DC 18). If it's less than 18 they start uncontrollably dancing like the cactus. they can make a constitution role every 5 rounds to try to stopa small pot containing a dancing cactus12000 gpRare
129A small white piggy bank that is old and worn. it has the name Galena faded on the side of it in emerald green. if this piggy bank is held by anyone who isn't named Galena the piggy bank squeals and runs away for 1 hour running and squealing during the whole time. it cannot be shattered or smashed and cannot be unchanted as it cursed. If a person called Galena holds it, it cuddles into them and allows the contents to be removed from it. (holds whatever item the dm wants as is magical) (there is multiple for each player and they all placed by a mysterious stranger called 'The pigster' . Turns out the pigster in the end is a secret admirer of the group and wants to keep helping them as watches their progress throughout the adventures.)a small (white) piggy bank with the name (Galena) faded on the side of it in (crimson red)13000 gpRare
130A giant bone from a long dead animal. it has a word inscribed on it that is in celestial. the word says 'strength' and if read out loud gives the reader +10 strength to all strenght rolls until a week has passed at which point they take a -5 strength penalty for a week due to the muscles being overworked.A giant bone with something enscribed on it70 gpCommon
131A miniture hexagonal shield pin emblazed with a golden sword over a silver triangle. this pin when used once per day can allow a die roll to be an auto natural 20. (the ability isnt told to the players under any circumstance unless it is checked out by a specialist from the punny emporium)A miniture hexagonal shield pin with a golden sword over a silver triangle40 gpUncommon
132A small skull of a raven that when held allows the holder to talk to birdsa small raven skull60 gpUncommon
133A vial of dew from a fae clearing that was collected on a full moon. if ingested it gives the drinker a bonus of +20 to any roll. However if put on skin apart from the mouth, it turns the person into a pixie for 24hoursa brown and orange turtle shel40 gpUncommon
134A tiny violin that only plays when the character gets hurt or tries to stealth. it cannot be removed as it is cursed to the person who touches it. it floats round the person at all times. The violin reduces the persons stealth by -20 at all times as at any time trying to be stealthily it plays music.a tiny violin300000 gpLegendary
1352 sets of wooden teeth that can be used to talk through (like a phone) (teeth of sending)2 sets of wooden teeth10 gpUncommon
136A tailors wheel that can provide a disguise that matches any armour (doesnt have effects of it just the looks)a tailors wheel50000 gpLegendary
137a Small ruby with a fire inside of it. when held alot releases a burst of flame like a flamethrower (a signal flare ruby)a small ruby that seems to have a fire inside it70 gpCommon
138A set of glasses that when worn can read any language as commona set of glasses175000 gpLegendary
139a small dagger thats blade is made of smoke. works like a normal dagger hen wanted to but can be used to produce a smokescreen once per battle thats 10ft by 10ft/a small pommel with smoke coming out of it200000 gpLegendary
140banging these two coconut halves together in a rhythmic clopping fashion allows you to move as fast as a horse for eight hours between long rests. During this time you're at a disadvantage for any stealth checks because, you're banging coconut halves together. It can also increase the speed of one other friendly creature if they stand infront of you and keep one arm stretched out with the other on their waist2 coconut halves.50 gpUncommon
141a small pair of shoes, that fit a child normally, that glow with a dull light (like a torch) for the fairya small pair of shoes that glow with a dull light20 gpUncommon
142flask of holy water that never runs out, but only first time each day heals a person 1 d4 hit pointssilver flask40 gpUncommon
143vial of unicorn blood - able to destroy any curse instantly, but reduces the person down to 1 hpsmall vial containing a silvery metalic liquid13000 gpRare
144cursed shoes that bite onto the wearer dealing 10hp stabbing damage, but they allow the wearer to fly at will. the shoes come off by tickling the sole of the shoe and making the shoe laughbeautiful gold and silver shoes20000 gpVery Rare
145a belt buckle that holds a spell of the wearers choosing,, However, to activate it the wearer has to sing the spells name, it holds one spell per week,a bronze belt buckle that has musical notes engraved on it225000 gpLegendary
146a brush that allows you to disguise yourself as something else. you gain that things hp abilities etc, but can only be used on things the user has seen and knows the name of (e.g. hobgoblin) can only be used once per day but only works for 2ha wooden hair brush50000 gpVery Rare
147Enchanted Oats - a cereal that when eaten does one of 6 (roll a d6) things: (1) polymorph the consumer to the last person they spoke with for a minute. (2) poision the consumer doing 1d12 necrotic damage (3) teleport the user 50 feet (4)shrink the consumer by one size (5) change the consumer's race for 1 hour (6) grant the user 1d8 temp hpA box that says 'Enchanted Oats'275000 gpLegendary
148A small paper kite that perpetually flies in the sky even if there is no wind. If let go of, will fly away into the sky.a paper kite with no string30 gpUncommon
149A small set of panpipes that, when played, will sounds like an animal. Increases animal handling rolls by 3a small set of wooden panpipes11000 gpRare
150A small metallic disc that hovers 1ft above any surface it is near. Acts like solid ground. But is only 10cm by 10cm widea small hovering silver disc50000 gpVery Rare
151A small crown full with jewels and gems of many types. If worn it lowers any wisdom rolls by 5 but raises strength rolls by 5. Inside in elvish is inscribed ‘crown of power’A small silver crown with various jewels and gems75000 gpLegendary
152A vial of a clear liquid. If smelt, it smells of nothing. If tasted, it gives the player the ability to use advantage on any situation for 1 in game day. Only contains one dose. (It is unicorn sweat)a vial of translucent liquid10 gpUncommon
153A miniature tree that when put underwater creates an air bubble around the holder allowing the holder to breathe underwater. The bubble only fits one person and cannot burst even if attacked through. Attacks do pass through the bubble as if it noth therea tree sapling20 gpUncommon
154A small plant pod that is full of eyes. The eye pod produces a noise that the owner request and one it has done so, it grows legs and runs away making the noise for 1ha pod of peas full of eyes10 gpUncommon
155A blue sapphire that emits a faint glow. If broken this sapphire will create a heavy rainfall that lasts for 1h. Can be used inside or outsidea faintly glowing blue sapphire19000 gpRare
156A teapot that contains an imp called ‘The entitea (entity)’ can produce a tea of any variety the person wishes and may be reused constantly without cleaning. The imp does require 1 copper per use and makes a great travel companion and has many stories to tell (may be fake or real to lore). Cannot be used to make any poisons or any harmful teas as the imp will die and leave a plain teapota porclin teapot with blood roses in a hellish background20000 gpVery Rare
157A small snakelike drawing that lives on a wooden chest. The image can move as if alive and can pass onto skin. If it does go onto a persons skin, it gives them advantage on attack rolls but disadvantage in stealth and reduces the health by 1point every 5h it on the person. Can be made to leave the person and put back on its original wooden box, but only if the character says the words on the inside of the chests lid ‘I am no longer the dragons vessel’a small wooden chest with a snakelike drawing on it. As you stare at the box the snake seems to move18000 gpRare
158A small circlet that is made of silver birch and has golden threads woven through the branches. Allows the wearer to ask a plant 3 questions per day.A small silver birch circlet with golden threads woven through7000 gpRare
159A drinking horn made of dragon horn,that never runs out of alcohol. Has a cover made of troll skin covering the end of it to stop fluid falling out. Becomes whatever alcohol the user wants (excludes poisoned or extremely harmful alcohol)A drinking horn covered in a thick rough hide.175000 gpLegendary
160A braclet made of 100glass beads. When placed on the floor it creates a shielded bubble of 20ft by 20ft that allows the people inside to be invisible to anyone outside the bubble. Perfect for camping on the roads or for being a bandit -hugstoall.a glass beaded bracelet8000 gpRare
161A small candle made out of dragon fat. This candle can burn for 1000 years when lit. Can be extinguished like a normal candle.A small candle40 gpUncommon
162A small,piece of paper that says ‘the bearer is entitled to …… ‘ in celestial and thieves cant. If used at the punny emporium, allows the person to have 10 items free of charge. Only 3 are in existence and you need to curry a lot of favour with the shopkeeps to receive one. One was lost at sea, one is held at the shop and the other is in a dark place (shopkeeps have a spell o them to know where they are)a piece of paper with strange writing on it.9000 gpRare

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