Tumakahi is an Old God of the Mundane Plane and is known as the deity of primordial emotion, particularly hope. Tumakahi can take many forms, but her natural state is that of a large, long-necked marine reptile.

Divine Domains

Tumakahi influences the affairs of mortals by inspiring powerful emotions within them, most often hope and courage (though occasionally she may strike fear into the hearts of some.) She is seen as a guardian spirit of the world's waters in Matu, kenku, lizardfolk, and firbolg culture, though in Matu and Tlaoxtepec lore she is also celebrated as the guardian of mortals themselves.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The sigil of Tumakahi is a sinewave with two crests and a trough in between the two. Sea turtles and other marine reptiles are sacred to Tumakahi, as are mangrove trees, kelp, and the rainbow. Bismuth has a special significance to her mythos.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Tumakahi is by far the most personable of all six Old Gods, still making frequent appearances to cavort with the Matu, kenku, lizardfolk, and firbolgs. She seeks to aid mortals by inspiring them, and wishes to protect mortals from both outside and internal evils.
Divine Classification
Old God

tumakahi sigil monochrome.png


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