Also called elves, the Mekim people of Manteia are a proud and ancient folk.

Basic Information


Mekim are technically a subspecies of human, nested in the humanoid sophont category. Elves typically tall and lean, with dark skin, dark hair, gracefully angular features, and of course their trademark long ears. Elves evolved to survive in a hot, arid environment, and their ears are their most obvious adaptation to facilitate heat loss.

Ecology and Habitats

Mekim are ancestrally native to the arid wastes of central Manteia, but have spread across the continent and subsequently the world. Elves do best in dry, hot environments.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Mekim are highly sensitive to sound and smell. They also have excellent vision, though not quite the darkvision typical of Amizak and Abaz- elven eyes are specialized for discerning detail at extended distance rather than in low-light conditions.

Civilization and Culture


Primitive humans arrived in central Manteia via land bridge several tens of thousands of years ago, and the majority of the migrant population settled on the broad isthmus connecting North and South Manteia. Here they began to develop the traits that define the modern Mekim, as they spread further and further into the deserts and jungles of the continent. Due to their large range, elves have the second-widest range of phenotypical subtypes of any human subspecies (true humans being the first.)
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens magnaures
Manteian Proto-Humans


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