Magic System

Arcana and Divina

Magic is a mysterious energy sourced from different planes that allows users to alter themselves and/or the world around them at will. There are two kinds of magic in the planar multiverse: arcane and divine. These two magical domains come from the two types of planes that exist in the planar system.  

Arcane Magic

Arcane magic is sourced from the energetic planes: the ethereal and astral planes, which mundane beings can access at any time. Specifically, arcane magic is sourced from the leylines: a metaphysical, four-dimensional "net" of "lines" caused by the intersection of the energetic planes that is superimposed over (and gravitationally influenced parallel to) the mundane plane's spacetime. Since arcane power is sourced from the leylines that criss-cross the plane upon which mortals reside, there is no need to "connect" to the source plane as one must do to access divine magic. It is simply there, all-pervading and ever-present. However, the power of arcane magic on Aedrynn fluctuates slightly because of the planet's motion through spacetime (i.e. orbital cycle, solar orbit, galactic velocity, etc.)

Because of these mechanics, beings on the celestial plane cannot use astral arcana, and the inverse is true for denizens of the cthonic plane -they cannot access ethereal arcana.


Divine Magic

Divine (or in some cases, demonic) magic is native to the celestial and cthonic planes, and mortal users must have a connection to their chosen plane to cast divine magic. This can be a holy symbol, ritual location, or arcane-opened portal.


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