The Subterranean Trickster

Inyosa is an Old God of the Mundane Plane and is known as the deity of cunning and creativity. Inyosa can take many forms, but his natural state is that of an enormous, monstrous hooded serpent.

Divine Domains

Inyosa is incredibly clever, serving as a playfully chaotic mixture of both trickster figure and creator deity. In firbolg culture, he is also seen as the guardian spirit of the earth and all things hidden below it.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The sigil of Inyosa is a stylized ouroboros with a star-split inverted triangle in its center. Snakes, glow-worms, spiders, and foxes are sacred to Inyosa, as are carnivorous plants and most forms of bioluminescent fungi.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Inyosa's goals are inscrutable, as he is the most mysterious and chaotic of the Old Gods. Overall, however, he does seek to aid mortals in various ways (though he enjoys teasing them considerably.)
Divine Classification
Old God

inyosa sigil monochrome.png


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