The Abaz of the Arngkuthar Mountains are a highly reclusive folk, living deep inside the high crags they claim as their homeland.

Basic Information


The Abaz are small, stocky humanoids built for a life under the surface of the world. Abaz are built very compactly to squeeze through small spaces, and their compositional durability is comparable to that of the Ungesh. Abaz have thick skulls to protect their brains against the inevitable head-on-stone collisions that are inherent to the subterranean lifestyle. Additionally, the Abaz have weak eyes that are counterbalanced by large, sensitive ears and a beard of sensory whiskers that enable them to navigate tight spaces in complete darkness.

Ecology and Habitats

The Abaz people live most of their lives in total or near-darkness, and as as such are quite photosensitive. They do best in dim or dark environments, especially cold ones.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Abaz sight is quite poor; replaced over generations of subsurface life by finely-attuned hearing for echolocation purposes and a full complement of tactile hairs across the lower half of the face.
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens subterraneus
Aitsiaqi Gnomes


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