Aedrynn is a terrestrial world of no particular renown in the mundane plane. At least, it was. As of recent times, Aedrynn has become a key point of action in the struggle between the celestial and cthonic planes to dominate the mundane realm.


Death And All His Friends

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

Four unwitting misfits are roped into a desperate mission in a bid to preserve the mortal plane's free will.

The Campaign is Full




  • Map of Aedrynn

    Aedrynn has five major continents, two of which are traditionally grouped into one supercontinent. To the far west on this map, the northernmost continent of Aitsiaq sits due northwest of its sister continent Vara. Eastward of that, the supercontinent Manteia is divided into the larger North Manteia and smalled South Manteia. The southernmost continent is Mehraviil, ancestral homeland of all the humanoid races (as well as the reptilian ones.) Aedrynn hosts, at present, roughly forty nations and governances. These range from the expansive Thaumian Empire to the tiny island inhabited by the Alumqel Tribe.

  • Map of Aedrynnic Hominid Phylogeny

    Most of the sapient races endemic to Aedrynn are of the hominid group, specifically belonging to one species: Homo sapiens. However, each "race" has particular characteristics that define their subspecies, leading to interesting mixes in the modern era thanks to widespread reunification of the H. sapiens species.