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Welcome to the Aedeva system! A collection of worlds by Reagan Duggins (a.k.a. The Story Beard).   As you explore Aedeva, you will find a variety of fantasy stories for each world, as well as an occasional sci-fi story. You will also find information on the important characters, locations, and concepts for each world of Aedeva.  

Where to Start

Death of a King

Book 0 of the series Sons of the King, this novelette tells the story of the King Donovan of Gravity as he attempts to reclaim a city that has fallen to the monstrous inhabitants of the nearby forest. If you like gritty, hard magic, sword and sorcery fantasy, give it a try!

Anenu Etha | The Planet of Prophecies

Stories from the Planet of Prophecies are built from the framework offered by the historical logs of the eponymous Dwarf Fortress world. If you enjoy gritty, low-magic, high-monster settings; or the game Dwarf Fortress; or are tired of being able to predict the ending to stories, then give the Planet of Prophecies a look!
  The Planet of Prophecies is also home to the following eBooks, each of which comes from true stories from the Planet of Prophecies', as seen in Legends Mode.

Aedeva | A Land Divided

Originally the setting for a tabletop RPG campaign we ran, Aedeva is a land of elves, dwarves, humans, gnomes, monsters, and high magic. You will find many classical fantasy elements here (it is a D&D/Pathfinder setting, after all), but the land of Dalari is a new campaign setting, with unique takes on many established ideas. If you are a GM looking for inspiration, or just enjoy an interesting new world to explore, check it out!
  Within Aedeva, there is a group of adventurers known as The Outsiders. Their saga, as told by the NPC(s) around them, can be found here:
  Also, if you are a Dungeon Master in search of fun, interesting, inspirational encounters to throw at your players, check out our newest series: Inspirational Encounters! Centered around making boring monsters into exciting, fun encounters for both you and the players!

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