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The races of yore have long since disappeared, leaving only man with the tenacity to withstand nearly any catastrophe. With no more guidance from elves or dwarves, humans must forge ahead alone. Feudal kingdoms struggle to keep hold on the great plains of Beodour, terrible warriors and raiders clash in the rugged north, merchants deal in spice and strange magics in the shifting sands of the east, and ancient tribes stand as eternal guardians of expansive forests. Even as the power of these factions wax and wane with petty mortal squabbles; omens point to ancient evils that lurk beyond the astral veil coming to Aedeon once again to tear down all civilizations. This world is a human only world with special rules for races and backgrounds meant for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, but easily could be used for any trpg system. It is built to put your players in the point of highest tension in Aedeon's history in order to give them a chance to decide its fate forever. So grab your swords, study your spells, pray to your gods, and prepare for high adventure!