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Dyrnwyrn, the Sword of Kings

"White-Hilt", The Blade to Save All Mankind.


The holy blade forged by the Divine Three over centuries. Smithed at first from the tools of Saint Llyw, it was then passed unto Saint Emrys who hilted it with his own bones, and then unto Saint Diarmaid, the God of the Clan, who had it quenched in his dying blood. Its naked blade has never been seen before, though it is said to be a window into the heart of the Gods. Its crossguard is woven from golden threads, taking the shape of a dragon. Its hilt is pure alabaster ivory, woven with silver thread. It has a round pommel where the Clannic triskele is engraved, surrounded by the four cardinal stars.


Originally a plough head, Dyrnwyn was melted and reforged into a sword without a grip or crossguard. Only some cloth, thick leather straps and string protected the wielder's hand. It was wielded by Saint Llyw when he massacred the Court's armies coming for his settlement, then given to his closest disciple before his judgement and execution.   Later on the blade somehow found its way into the hands of Saint Emrys, who wielded at the tip of his staff as a spearhead. Already did it begin to show numerous powers, it would always return to its wielder, it shed light, and granted those around it a notable boon in mind and body. It never dulled, nor did it bend or chip, and was said to pierce mail and steel as if it were soft dirt.   When Saint Emrys slew himself and entered the Great Barrows, he took the spear with him. It later appeared to his brother in a dream, and there Uthryd would take the blade, and bones of his brother to fit it with a hilt. As the Reclamation waged on, it became the personal arm of the Kingdom of Sèol's chieftain. It was given to Diarmaid by his father.   Understanding the significance of such a weapon, he had the hilt and crossguard fitted to be more sturdy and striking, wrapping his distant brother's femur in silver thread, and engraved it with prayers fit for a king. The guard was made from woven bronze, iron and golden Breathwork. When he was close to death, Diarmaid climbed his mountain, bled himself to death, and let the blade be quenched in his own blood.   It has since been in the An Dalachain family for generations, and is one of the sacred regalia worn upon ascending to the throne. None may touch it but the High-King, for fear of their life.


Dyrnwyn is received through trial alone, and symbolises a worthy king. Part of the ascention to the throne is to partake in secretive Trials of the Mountain to acquire the holy sword. Upon success, it is forever bound to its wielder. Dyrnwyn has, since its final quenching and tempering, acquired miraculous powers. It is said the smiths who forged it were burnt to ashes after it was finished, whilst the apprentices all became blind.   It is also one of Saint Diarmaid's holy symbols, "the Flaming Sword", symbolising violence, justice and punishment. Contrary to other 'holy weapons' it is not a blade made for simple war, murder or protection. When drawn, victory is assured and the enemy is annihilated. None may see its naked blade, and it has said to be only drawn five times since its creation, with each unsheathing resulting in a brutal, total obliteration of the enemy.

“I grant unto thee all the greatest gifts a man might possess.
A light in the dark, an ember in the cold, a steady hand in battle,
and a true heart against doubt.”

Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
Completed 1563 FE - 0 PR
Destruction Date
Current Location
Owning Organization
Dyrnwyn is unique.
4lbs, or 1.8kg
Blade Length: 80cm
Grip: hand and a half, 15cm.

Keepers of the Seals

Lady Mebh is his current Curadhmir, and the woman who pushed him to claim the throne when his father died. Its both a responsibility, and a punishment for forcing him into a life he didn't choose.
  • Approval given if: Only to be drawn in the defense of the Clanndom.
  "Red Rider" Anthrim, which is a character from the previous campaign, and a close friend to Ysengrin as well as his chief of intelligence. He leads the Gwyr Gwaed, an association of investigators and inquisitors.
  • Approval given if: Only to be drawn against those who have committed grievious sin.
  "Tàine" Mordecai, Ysengrin's head advisor, chief of intelligence and coinmaster. He deals with the troubles that pertain to noblemen and other royalty, keeping scandals out of the way.
  • Approval given if: Only to be drawn if your heart is just, and honorable, without deceit and malice.
  Lady Angharad, Ysengrin's wife and queen of Aedelwynn. She tends to be the most politically savvy and sensible of all his protectors. She will rarely give her approval, always preferring more subtle manners of dealing with situations.
  • Approval given if: Only to be drawn when level-headed, and clear of mind.
  Lord Glyndwr, the leader of the Order of the Mountain, a holy royal order of warriors and monks that serve the Vigil's purposes and organise the attunement ritual, and teach any heir apparent to be ready for kingship.
  • Approval given if: Only to be drawn in the fervour and honour of the Gods.

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