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Happens to the best of us!
— Adran Reylen
Phantomforce prosthetics, made by the Phantomforce prosthetics company, are the high-end alternative for a regeneration spell. The well-crafted prostetics make use of special redlink technology, an arcane mind link that gives the wearer control over the prosthetics, similar to what nerves do.


The Phantomforce prostetics company was started by Adran Reylen, a half-elf artificer who had lost his leg in one of the contraptions he was working on at the time. While the healers gave the option for the regeneration of his leg, Adran saw this as a great opportunity and declined. He was fitted with the most basic prosthetic the healers could give him and made his way back to his lab. Day and night he spent on improving the basic stick that was now attached to his leg.   The first version was not much better than the stick, but slowly Adran learned different ways of connecting prosthetics to his leg and making it hinge in the right places. The seventh itteration was a good working wooden leg with metal hinges and springs that allowed him to walk decently. But Adran wasn't satisfied, he needed his prosthetic to be just as responsive as his normal leg would be. Adran went back to the drawing table and started working on a way to intergrate the prosthetic with his nervous system and after eight more itterations he had a working arcane mind link, redlink as he called it, using very thin Zograusium.   It didn't take long for Adran's design to catch the attention of others, quickly making a name for himself. The half-elf started making custom variations to please his customers, finding that he had quite a few requests that asked for similar parts. He started the Phantomforce prosthetics company, based in Trisza, designing various different models for different needs. He has figured out a way to use a zograusium alloy to also send information back to the brain, resulting in accurate haptic feedback, bluelink. And is currently working on a version for druids that doesn't use metal at all in the build.


All models are available in various materials and in versions with either redlink or bluelink. Partial or full customization is also an option.

The Wayfarer

  • Designed with adventuring in mind
  • Sheer performance, no bells and whistles
  • Comfortable for long distance walking
  • Just as reliable as a ten-foot pole

The Admiral

  • Made for rough seas
  • Extra light-weight for swimming
  • Protected from the saltwater
  • Anti-slip sole for secure footing

The Shroud

  • Extra silent with padded sole
  • Self-lubricating hinges
  • Coated in powdered black dragon scales
  • Four compartments for hiding daggers or vials

The Sparkleaf

  • Designed for druids
  • No metal involved
  • Expected in two years

Customer Reviews


In my fight with a Glabrezu I had to sacrifice my arm, but luckily Phantomforce prosthetics was there to help! Their redlink technology makes it easy to control and they made my new arm just as I like it. It is made from hand carved mahogany with specially made slots to fit my scrolls. They even engraved the quote I asked for!
— Bhaldros (Arch Lector in Trisza)


Well, I did need something I could swim with as you never know when a kraken attacks! The Admiral fits splendidly if you ask me and with the extra add-ons I can even dive underneath the keel and back, just like before!
— Captain Razorwing (privateer)

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Cover image: by Eallixy using Artbreeder


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1 Feb, 2021 13:20

These sound amazing. I really like that different models are available depending on how you'll be using them.

1 Feb, 2021 13:50

Thanks! It was really fun coming up with different user needs.

Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
4 Feb, 2021 02:10

The different models are amazing! I bet they would expand into even more niche markets in the future. :D Really interesting history of the technology too. :)

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea! Please check out my peculiar plants entry! :)
4 Feb, 2021 12:48

Thank you! Oh yeah, they will make anything custom if they have to so there are some very interesting ones in the world :)