The City that Never Sleeps


Puretopia, capital of the modern day Puresters, is the most densely populated and largest city on Vabu; so massive, one can see it from space. Spanning the entire Island of Creation, ancient cities that were the cradle of all civilization converged into a towering modern marvel of technological advancement and economic power. Housing the Arc of the Covenant, as well as a thriving tourist industry, and a lucrative black market, it brings in millions of people each year. It makes up it's sole and only remaining city of the country.   Despite its status as a must-visit locale, it has only recently opened up to outsiders in the last 100 years. Touted as the most 'impenetrable civilian fortress' of it's time, it had been closed off with the rest of the country. Even today, tight security is ran in every corner of the uppercity, and entering the country requires extensive questioning and searching before one can enter.


The city is split up into six residential districts based on the ancient cities of the Sters. They are, Magnavoxia, Sothi, Ishtan, Larga, Yanma, and Ahkmah. Each of the districts are ruled by a governor and a member of the Council of Six, and specialize in some way shape or form. There is also a seventh district that governs the outside of the city proper, and contains the defenses protecting the city as well as farming and fishing hubs nearby.  
Puretopia District Map
Puretopia District Map by Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant
  Each of the districts self-manages according to its own needs, such as mandates for what is required to be made, having its own taxes and percents of those taxes, its own emergency resources, and capital building for justice and administration. The outer district is unique in this case for having no governor, no council representative, as well as lacking in taxes. While it does have emergency resources, it relies heavily on the inner city for management and direction.


The city, sitting upon the rubble of fallen civilized past from the ravages of the First Great War, the threat and eventual return of the Devilers had influenced the creation of the city and its many defenses. From gigantic magitech cannons, walls, military, bunkers, and more, the city is well prepared for a full-scale attack from all fronts.  

Gates of Protection

Main Article: Gates of Protection
At 12,8748 meters at its peak and 6,437 meters in it's valleys, the wall can be seen far into the distance, sitting against the backdrop of the mountain and stretching across the beaches, it stands proudly to separate the rest of the Old World from the city. Capable of producing a powerful magical barrier around the entire city, it stands as the premiere defense against the encroaching darkness.  

Long-Range Magicannons

Powerful cannons of lasers and ballistics, capable of energies that can blow holes through 100 of meters of metal, and overpower any known shield of energy or magic. Hiding in white spheres that dot the mountain range and in the valleys, they sit quietly to be activated, automated sentries to shoot down invaders from the sky.  

In-City Considerations

The Puresters have heavily invested in the longevity of their people and their country, and have re-purposed large swaths of underground tunnels from mining to serve as vaults to hold away citizens to survive and hopefully, outlast extermination. Every kilometer within the city a large elevator can be found leading deep within the ground to bring people to this place in the event of an air raid or imminent destruction.   The city is armed to the teeth in both it's citizens and its military. Utilizing artificial intelligence to help bolster their numbers, a force of about 1,750,000 serving individuals is used as guards and armed forces, ever ready to defend the capital.

Industry & Trade

The city is supported by three main industries, its agriculture, its tourism and trade, and its mining facilities. While the tourism brings in money and trade brings in goods, the bulk of its minerals come from below the city, taking full advantage of the vast mineral wealth of the island and surrounding land. Unlike the rest of the mineralogy of the world which is specialized, the island has every kind of main resource known, as was designed to be the cradle and source of mineral wealth for all of vabukind. Deep shafts and long tunnels penetrate the earth, seeking every last minutia of metal and crystal to feed the materialistic needs of the people above.


Extending 600m up into the sky, and extending 424m down into the ground (1024m total), the city is an advanced acrological structure, made up of different layers to best organize and accommodate for the density of people. It can be best summarized into three segments based on height from the bottom, the uppercity, the midcity, and the undercity.  


Going from the top at 1024m to 824m above the bottom, the wealthy elite as well as high-end infrastructure segments and medical facilities. Here a garden can be found open to the sky roughly every 2 kilometers, and roads are mostly replaced with walkways with streams beside. tops are divided by the segmentation of the different districts and structural gaps, causing isolated 'gated communities' of people who live together.   The uppercity is also home to the administration of the government, being where its courts, town halls, and miscellaneous administrative buildings exist. While jails do not exist on this level, the cross-disctrict security force also has their administrative buildings up here as well, ready to jump on a hovercraft and fly from one district to the next a breakneck speed.   It's architecture is simpler and smoother than that of the rest of the city, being more akin to a high-tech garden space rather than that reminiscent of an industrial, materialist society.  


The midcity is the most familiar to those who live in and have visited the country. All within 400 meters of space, residential areas, schools, police stations, and most importantly shopping centers, exist here. Hovercraft are permitted, and major hoveroads exist between segments structures, with the gaps that separate districts acting as major highways.   It is also here that one can find popular tourist locations, such as preserved locations of the ancient Ster cities and structures. Massive churches sit upon soil which is housed by a supporting metal block akin to the rest of the city. The most notable is the Magnavoxia City Center, the size of roughly modern-day central park, in front of the main administrative block.   As hovervehicles zip through the gaps between blocks, one can look down and see the stretching of lights down into a dark abyss of wires and decay. If you're lucky, you may even see someone dumping something over the side into the darkness below, the housing of all of the unwanted aspects of the city, from used goods to undesirables.  


Extending from 424m to the very bottom, the undercity is the home of the black market, criminals, the lower class, and heaps upon heaps of trash. Endless wires dangle from structure to structure, and people must bike or walk to their destination, the airspace and holoroads reserved for the state only. Prisons, slums, and sketchy alleyways filled with merchants populate the underbelly of the beast, the reek of the dumpsite wafting up from below. The very bottom of the undercity is a dark place filled with automated workers pushing the garbage around, and criminals lurking, hiding among the piles of trash.

Guilds and Factions

Puretopia, being as dense as it is, has a lot of guilds and factions at play that affect its history. While not many of them are noteworthy to mention here, a handful have affected Puretopia significantly, or are noteworthy through the perspective of the story of the Association of Zack The Great.  

Council of Six

Main Article: Council of Six
Acting as the leaders and rulers of the nation, they also act independently with their own desires of which are outside the interest of their nation and it's people. Wishing to achieve immortality, they have picked up the torch of their predecessors in this search, through cybernetic enhancements their bodies can last longer, but still are withering away due to their advanced age.  

Fallen Angels

Main Article: Fallen Angels
Residing deep within the undercity, these exiled angels and supporters feed off of the bountiful waste and throwaways as the result of the ravenous and insatiable materialistic desires of the residents above. Using the city as their home, they secretly have influenced its history to best suit their needs, and infiltrated the state to keep their presence a history to all those within the city, even to its residents.


Early History

The idea of Puretopia was the but dream of one man, the Council Elder Alphonse Xinward, when the war was ended thanks to the intervention of the gods. Left to pick up the pieces, he dreamed of a unified island of metal, a single city representing the entire heritage of the vabuian people. Founded Jay 1st, 7 AGW, ground was struck with the new year, and the cities having only reclaimed themselves for less then a decade, unified under one single city identity. The mines were reclaimed, and expanded, as men mined hundreds of kilograms of metals from the earth and brought them to the surface.   The council curated the brightest minds and traded for knowledge both new and old, as universities were founded to try and realize the dream of the elder. An ambitious task of no precedent had been set, some even calling it the dream of a madman, a paradise of metal, glass, and industry. The advent of steam and eventually, magiengines, drove the industrial revolution from the New World and came over to the old, expediting the process. Large towers sprung up all around the island, as networks of roads were surrounded by the beginnings of the worlds first skyscrapers.  

Revolution of Magitech

As the years ticked by, and the council grew old, die, and replaced, the dream of the megalopolis kept on despite the cost. The previous generation who had seen the carnage drove them, and their children, to appreciate the life they had, and to work together to achieve the dream they all shared. This very dream shaped the political landscape, turning the Puresters to that of a mixed economy leaning heavier and heavier on the ideas of communism, the state having a hand in all matters and the working class striving for a common goal.   The seeds that had been sown for the development of knowledge and technology blossomed as magitechnology was revolutionized within the halls of its white buildings. Automation made the process easier, factories popped up producing new tools and machines that helped make the process easier, and eventually lead to the augmentation of self to improve productivity. Old roads were bulldozed as buildings became unified, taller, and updated to the quickening pace of technology.  

The Fourth Generation

At about 800 AGW, the city had two thirds of its size in height, and a unified island of metal had been achieved and the purpose of the people waned. But yet despite this, the desire to protect themselves was strong. No longer needed, the boarders were closed as a plan for a wall was executed and begun, taking a little more than a century to finish. Expansions happened all the time, and the city continued to build upwards into the sky, reaching for new heights literally and figuratively.   The city looked inwards to use their old machines of industry for the dream to continue to improve themselves and their lives, to make life comfortable and full of things, wonders of modern technology, and medical enhancements that blurred the line of man and machine. These advancements were the envy of the world, and negotiations ensued, eventually culminating in the allowance of trade and tourism. However the people became detached from the greater world, suspicious and afraid, thinking of the others as primitive and lost. Security measures were mandated by the state to keep the people calm and safe.


The city proper is surrounded by a bay which is of itself surrounded by a peninsula. Opening into the ocean, the saline water provides a drinkable source when purified. The remaining freshwater produced by the rivers running from the mountains afar in the north east, feeding into the irrigation of the fields of the outer city. Geographically, the mountains separate them from the rest of the continent, making them isolated from their neighbors.
Puretopia Map (Puretopia)
Puretopia Map by Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant
Area (Inner City)
219'265.15 km2
Area (Outer District)
4'485'557.69 km2
Main Industry
Main Export
Cybernetic Goods
Species Name Population Percentage
Vabuians 656,172,565 90%
Anthro (Mammal) 36,454,031 5%
Anthro (Draconic) 29,163,225 4%
Mixed Blood 7,290,806 1%
Puretopia Population Demographic Chart
Puretopia Demographic Chart by Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant

Cover image: Puretopia Cover by Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant


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