Council of Vabu

Supranational Alliance for the Betterment of Vabukind

This article talks about the supranational organization that preceded the Vabuian Empire, for the council of leaders that advise the empire in the far future, see this article.


The Council of Vabu is an supranational organization that comprises of every nation-state on Vabu, including the nations that make up the Gaiaster Coalition and the Kingdom of Sea Cotton. Previously the Coalition of World Protection, the council is a predecessor to the coalition born out of a need to stay united and keep the peace versus being united solely for defense. The purpose of the council is to discuss international issues in an open forum, develop and individually implement global policies, and help advise and direct the Savior of Vabu to use his resources in the best possible way. The council itself is also a predecessor to an even larger and grander alliance, known as the Vabuian Empire, which would see them united as one supranational state from the Great Awakening.   The key difference between the Council and the ancient Congress of Nations that too once united all countries of Vabu, is the distinction between an Intergovernmental Organization and a Supranational one. An intergovernmental organization does not have authority superseding or transcending that of any of its members, a supranational one does. This change in power structure was intentional, as to ensure that if wars between nation states couldn't be prevented through diplomatic means, that they could at least be ended quickly.  


Because the majority of major nations on Vabu are imperialist, the council is more of an oligarchic organization than a democratic institution, with a streamlined organization centered around 14 countries. Between these countries, the two kingdom races, and the dwarven representative, 17 representatives, most of which are just the leaders of the nation-states, make all decisions under the supervision and guidance of the Savior of Vabu. The representatives are moderated by the Savior Moderator. who has special supranational authority like a nation-state due to his divine status, and the Herald Moderator, who acts as the herald in all meetings and the moderator with limited jurisdiction in the absence of the Savior Moderator.   There is one Independent Observer State that attends all council meetings, but has no say in the matters of the council. This nation, known as the Dominion of the Underworld, appoints an "Overseer of the Overworld" whose primary goal is to record the meetings and obtain key information relevant to the security and welfare of their plane. They are empowered to ask questions of the council and to request more information, written or otherwise, but nothing else. This special status is because of the Dominion's refusal to lose any sense of their sovereignty, but are aligned to the Council and are a limited member as a result.  


The objectives of the Council is three-fold:
  1. Keep the peace between all nations
  2. Protect the world and its peoples from all threats
  3. Promote prosperity by providing aid to recovering nations as well as to bolster others
  The council achieves these goals largely through cooperation, dialogue, and discourse, as well as united efforts and contribution of resources. The powers given to the council as a whole, and the savior specifically, are means to achieve these ends. This includes creating task forces to investigate problems, passing resolutions to solve those problems and ensure participation in some action, and managing and deploying shared resources such as a supranational military.  

Special Powers

Power to Enforce Resolutions and Compel Action from Members

Not wanting to make the same mistakes as the Congress of Nations, the council has special supranational powers to enforce resolutions and compel action from the leadership of its members. Enforcing this power requires a majority vote on each point of a resolution, all of which can be vetoed by the Savior. A resolution can be created and put forward by any one ore multiple representatives, including the Savior.  

Power to Create Task Forces and Other Organizations

This council can create and dissolve special task forces that have powers given to them from a temporary charter. These task forces' main goals are to investigate a primary issue, generate reports, and give recommended advice on how to proceed. Later, the Savior Moderator would be given this power as well, in addition to create new or enroll existing organizations to become permanent international organizations for the sake of peace keeping and prosperity. This would come to include new organizations owned and managed by the Savior Moderator, including the Adventurer's Guild of Zack The Great, and roll in existing ones such as the Church of the God of War and other churches to ensure compliance with the will of the gods.  

Power to Manage and Deploy Supranational Forces

Should the need ever arise, the council has the power to assemble, manage, and deploy its own supranational military force. This includes but is not limited to, armies, its own Grand Knight contingency, and military space assets such as cruisers and battleships. While this power was exercised to maintain a sizable military rivaling that of the entirety of all the nations' militaries put together, it set precedent and infrastructure necessary for the early success and quick rise of the Vabuian Empire and its fleet of spaceships.  


Congress of Nations

Full Article: Congress of Nations As a result of the Seven Year War that proceeded after the Day of the Purge, the young and fledgling nation of the Xinster Kingdom had won their independence from the then Purester Kingdom. Soon, the Xinsters were made aware of another nation-state made of successful refugees that had migrated far beyond the reaches of the peninsula and island they had known. The nation of Ijir, as they were called, sought relations and a new ally, of which they happily accepted. It wasn't long that, by chance, the Ancients who were also comprised of a people that fled the Puresters so very far away, sent diplomats of their own to the Xinster Kingdom.   An idea was born of this circumstance, the idea of world peace free from strife through acceptance and dialogue, and defense of the god-given ideals of the right to freedom of worship. And so, the Congress of Nations was born and founded on Novembra 11th, 3500 BGW. The three nations would be allies in a common goal of perseverance and mutual defense for over a century.   The peace would not last, however. Ijir would suffer the first wound, as conflicts over the rights of Dracojin would lead to its split in the Draconic Civil War. The concluding stalemate thru the erection of the Hearthward Mountains by the Odianic Dragon Hearthward caused two nation-states to form in the ashes of the war, Sijir and Ajin. Both nations would simultaneously join the Congress of nations in an effort to maintain relations with the Xinsters and Ancients, and the mutual defensibility versus the Puresters.   The very enemy of the congress, however, had changed over the several millennia since the formation of the congress. As such, they too were interested in peace and cooperation, and requested to join the congress of nations. The once feared kingdom was allowed among the ranks of congress, and much celebration was had at the prospect of lasting world peace.   However through the very act of uniting together with the Puresters, they no longer had a common enemy, which was more foundational than anyone had ever known or would be able to recognize. Discontent started to brew between nations and dialogue broke down, no longer having a true incentive to stay together. This was worsened by the introduction of the Anthronian Kingdom to the world stage, and their admittance to the Congress of Nations. The Anthros were viewed by some Vabuians as beasts, much the same way the Dracojin were viewed. As such, Ajin and the Puresters would denounce the anthros, eventually going as far as to proclaim them as lesser beings and start enslaving them. Despite a brief victory in the form of a civil war in the Purester Kingdom, and the signing of the Proclamation of the Rights of the Anthros and Dracos, the Congress of Nations would dissolve unceremoniously during the Catalyst War, as the idea of peace between the nations seemed no longer possible.  

Coalition of World Protection

Main Article: Coalition of World Protection Through the Catalyst War, the Devilers would rise and ravage the world during the First Great War. This evil chaotic force powered by the Hex of Lucifer would bring all nation-states to their knees as they struggled to survive alongside their united gods, the Council of Creation. The First Great war would end, and an era of intermittent peace and war as the number of nations on Vabu would more than double.   It wouldn't be long till the fighting would bring about the second rise of the Devilers, and the Second Great War as a result. The idea of a congress was a long, forgotten, and ancient idea, so the nation-states individually attempted to deal with the Deviler scourge for more than 130 years. The Ancientster Kingdom, not one to forget the past and their lessons, sought to form a new, more prefect congress in the face of the rising darkness. But with rise of notorious King Kirby, who became leader of their long-time ally the Godester Empire, their plans were quickly dashed.   It wouldn't be till the Ancientster Oracle foresaw the birth Prophesized that thing were nudged in a new direction. King Pharaoh Yang Tablès would device a plan to use the uniting power of the prophesized to unite the world under one coalition. And so, after having responded to the summons, the Coalition of World Protection would be formed on Marxi 21st, 1162 AGW with Zack Hojo and his Association of Zack The Great as their advocates and diplomats.   The association went around the New World attempting to have nations join the coalition. Interestingly, it would be the Ancientsters' long-time rival and enemy the Aquaster Kingdom who would join this coalition solely out of want of survival. One by one, nations would become trustful of the Association and the coalition as a result of their actions and might, and those that did not join quickly found themselves decimated or in some kind of revolution. King Yang made it clear, joining the coalition wasn't really a choice, it was a matter of life and death.  

Rise of the Council

Eventually, all nation states would join the coalition and in a united cause, would successfully drive off the Deviler scourge for what was hoped would be the final time with the fully realized association and prophesized. With the prophesy realized, and the prophesized becoming the Savior of Vabu, it was time to revisit the terms of the coalition. It was clear that the nations of the world still had some issues between one another, as well as some disproportionally bearing the burden of loss from the Second Great War. As such, it was clear that something more than a simple alliance out of want of survival was in order.   And so the Council of Vabu was born, not out of dread of a common enemy, but instead out of a want of mutual economic and political benefits, as well as aid whenever and wherever it was needed. Made up of world leaders and other delegates, the Council was ratified into power on Julyia 7th, 1165 AGW. Many things would come from this new alliance, such as the uplifting of nations from poverty or ruin, reclamation of the lands corrupted by the Hex Corruption, the mining of bodies within the solar system such as the moon Liche, and more.   There were however, still challenges, such as managing land and resources as the population boomed, and the conflicts revolving around world views and the rights of peoples in each nation continued to rage on, with their savior to help mediate them. Zack was more partial to the world views that revolved around equity and personal liberty, but it wouldn't be till the formation of the Empire until he got his chance to impose those views.  

Rise of Empire

The Great Peace would last for roughly a millennium, with the overall prosperity of nations on Vabu practically skyrocketing, and the people being generally happy. A vision given to Zack Hojo by his all-god Xin caused him to be aware of the continued existence of the Devilers and their invasions of other worlds. This moment, which would become known as the Great Awakening, was the pivotal moment where the council agreed, upon popular vote from the people, to relinquish all sovereignty to Zack and allow him to be the supreme ruler, in their tongue the Grand Admiral, in all matters. While they continued to exist, their job was to advise him, and manage the planet they all shared as they did before. Even though the council existed as an organization many eons into the future, this marked the end of the Council as an alliance and more of a function of an even greater Empire.
Council of Vabu Flag.png
Alliance, Supranational
To coordinate and cooperate for the betterment of all Vabukind
14 Countries
3 Kingdom Races
1 Independent Observer State

Zack Hojo
Savior of Vabu
Godester Empire
Full Member
Elven Kingdom
Kingdom Race Representative
Fairy Kingdom
Kingdom Race Representative
Ancientster Kingdom
Full Member
Aquaster Kingdom
Full Member
Republic of Dragonia
Full Member with two Representatives
Solarster Republic
Full Member
Gaiaster Coalition
Full Member representing Many Indigenous Nations
Kingdom of Sea Cotton
Full Member representing Many Indigenous Nations
Republic of the Salt Plains
Full Member
Purester Unity
Full Member
Xinster Kingdom
Full Member
Full Member
Full Member
Full Member
Nartic Nation
Full Member
Anthronian Kingdom
Kingdom Race Representative
Dominion of the Underworld
Independent Observer Member

Shortcomings of the Council
The Council of Vabu, while it had ultimately served good causes, still had the defining issue of systematic discrimination towards the other non-vabuian countries. The Elven Kingdom was still considered under the rule of the Godester Empire, and the Fairy Kingdom as well as the Anthronian Kingdom straight up did not get votes. This point of contention brewed in the council throughout the entirety of the Great Peace, and was only solved when the Council was made a part of and subject to the Vabuian Empire, who demanded their voting representation.

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